Dj Dbefekt

DB (aka Dj Dbefekt) is a prolific dj, record producer and label owner who uses the Akai Pro APC40, MPK49 and MPD32 to make tracks. Involved in Hip Hop culture since his childhood in the poor neighborhoods of Paris, DB started first as a break dancer and graffiti artist. Raised in a multicultural family, DB took quickly advantage of his environment and absorbed all influences that came across his life. DB Build himself thru years of turntablist experience. Endorsing the roles of battle, radio, tour and club dj, DB came naturally to production and since then he's involved in many projects with a selection of collaborations from Hip Hop, jazz, house, electro and pop music. DB productions are a permanent reflection of his musical open mindedness. Critically acclaimed, his tunes are hybrids of genres.

Rather solo or in association with industry established artists, DB is blurring the line between production and dj skills recreating live tracks and mash-ups. Behind the turntables and the MPC, he likes to bring back the role of ''The DJ'' controlling crowds and making them focus on the performance and or the Mc.

Under the cover of Deer Studio Records, DB has been past years also establishing himself as a record producer. Taking the role seriously, he teamed up with graphic and video artists in order to influence the entire process of production. Early 2009 he founded the label Deer Studio Records that since released major video clips such as: ''Sampling'' ( an education of Hip Hop ) winning the independent educative video clip 2009, ''Raised On Classics'' feat Boston natives Reks and Terminology. The label is releasing also other video clips such as ''Remember'' feat Brooklyn native Bekay featured on DB's highly anticipated producer album untitled R-Evolution.

DB is also involved in several art and urban culture initiative. His label extend in 2010 its activity to urban fashion, pressing designers arts on limited edition t-shirts. On a daily base, DJ Dbefekt is sharing his time between touring, producing, studio sessions, shooting video clips and hosting a new concept show on Laid Back radio called Elevate, combining talks about Soul / Hip Hop culture as well as live turntabelism and producer showcase.

Artist's Akai Pro Gear

  • MPK49
    Performance Controller With 12 MPC Drum Pads


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