DiViNCi is a one-of-a-kind MPC artist. When we say artist, we mean it in every sense of the word. Known for perfecting live solo performances on multiple MPCs in a fury that rivals the excitement of a world-class drummer, DiViNCi always leaves audiences amazed with every new gig. His most recent work includes touring with none other than Lauryn Hill, and he continues to work with Solillaquists of Sound and X:144. We expect DiViNCi to once again push the envelope of MPC performance once he gets his hands on the MPC Renaissance. Stay tuned for new on that front! Meanwhile, have a look at how he got to where he is today:

Anyone that has been to a Solillaquists of Sound show is familiar with the fervent virtuosity of producer/MPCist, DiViNCi. As a founding member of the Orlando-based Hip Hop super group, DiViNCi continues to use MPCs in ways that audiences the world over have never seen before. Not only that, he is probably one of, if not the first person to use 3 MPCs simultaneously to do so. On stage, such devices have oftentimes gone underused and treated more like glorified CD players rather than the powerful instruments that they are... but not when this man is at the helm. It’s more common to see him hopping wildly about as he manipulates these machines with precision using his hands, face, and even his feet to pound out his rhythms and melodies. While his youtube videos have gained him much notoriety in the online community, DiViNCi's innovative and charismatic performances, demonstrations and lectures continue to solidify his place as a pioneer of the rather new but formidable art of MPCism.

SoS was discovered by firebrand rapper Sage Francis, and their combustible live presence prompted the world renowned MC to take them along on two global tours. Since then, SoS have been wowing audiences across the board with one of the most passionate, innovative, and dynamic live shows in Hip Hop today. DiViNCi is currently in the studio finishing No More Heroes, the follow up to Solillaquists of Sound's critically acclaimed debut album, As If We Existed (Anti-/Epitaph Records). As a solo artist, DiViNCi has released an instrumental effort entitled Peacez 2 Be & Instru•frag•mentalism. In addition to these projects, DiViNCi has produced for artists such as MF Doom, Kool Keith, Sole, and Sage Francis. All of which has resulted in work that further demonstrates his agile dexterity and creative ability as a producer.

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I push my MPCs during performance in ways they probably weren't meant to be pushed. I can't think of any other tool for making music that could take the punishment I give them while delivering the results I get from the MPC.