Julien-K is a music group that uses Akai Pro's MPK49 controller extensively on stage and in studio. We caught up the band's Amir Derakh and were fortunate enough to ask a few questions.

Akai: Where did you get your name?

Amir Derakh: It’s meant to be an alter ego and there is a story behind it but we like people to figure it for themselves.

Akai: How did you all meet?

Amir Derakh: Ryan and I were founding members in the band Orgy and have been friends and business partners for over 14 years. During that time we met and worked with Fu and then met Elias while on tour with Orgy through our bass player Paige.

Akai: You use a lot of social media sites like Twitter and MySpace. You even have your own social media site. Are you able to find time to interact with fans to bring you closer to your audience, or do you see these sites simply as tools to help fans follow your progress?

Amir Derakh: We are very active on all the social networks and we do interact with our fans when we have time. They are the best gateway to our fans besides word of mouth.

Akai: What was your first piece of Akai Pro gear and how did you get it?

Amir Derakh: An AX-60 synth! I was actually endorsed by Akai years ago and I still have the keyboard! I Love it!

Akai: Which Akai Pro instruments do you use most and what do you like most about them?

Amir Derakh: We are currently using the MPK-49 controllers in Julien-K and Dead By Sunrise. They were perfect for our studio and touring setups. We love all the features and they integrated great with Main Stage.

Akai: How big of a role does Akai Pro play on your tour?

Amir Derakh: FU and I are both using MPK-49’s as our ONLY keyboard controllers.

Akai: Where would you say most of your fans are from geographically and what do you think about that area makes them more inclined to be fans?

Amir Derakh: Our fans are all over the world so we are very lucky... I think they like our unique way of blending Dance, Indie Rock and Electronica.

Akai: If you could give new artists any piece of advice, what would it be?

Amir Derakh: Create your own sound, write the best songs you can, be persistent & work hard, learn the business of music and follow your gut instincts as they are almost certainly right!

Artist's Akai Pro Gear

  • MPK49
    Performance Controller With 12 MPC Drum Pads