Jonathan Chalker has been creating and producing edgy electronic music since 1990. His music has been featured in major and indie motion picture soundtracks as well as intensive, live multimedia art performances. He has also produced or remixed numerous tracks for other artists. His most current and notable musical project is LowHero.DLL, based in St. Petersburg.

LowHero.DLL (the name is an anagram for Hello World) was launched in 2007 and was a clear departure from his significant previous effort, Penetrator (1998-2005). Penetrator featured a raucous blend of Drum-n-Bass rhythms, techno-industrial acid synths, and occasional “weirdo” vocal styling reminiscent of Legendary Pink Dots’ vocalist, Ed Ka-Spel. One of Penetrator’s songs - Scabs - was included on the official major motion picture soundtrack for Clive Barker’s horror film, Midnight Meat Train.

Once Penetrator had run its course, Chalker was at a cross-road. One path might have led to an abandonment of music production and a life of less-demanding intellectual pursuits. The other path would involve creation of a new music project that would in essence involve starting over, rebuilding an audience from scratch, and reinventing his sound for a new musical era where nothing is intimate, everything is free, and ultimately the winners are the ones who seem to target the lowest common denominator. The second path was chosen but with some strict stipulations – (1) keep it brainy, dark, and lyrically astute (2) capture the musical elements he appreciated most from the genres of his teens and 20’s while also injecting the freshest techniques of today (3) make it catchy and memorable.

In contrast to Penetrator’s more industrial sound, LowHero.DLL is a new wave and post-punk inspired effort with a stronger vocal presence that seeks to reach a more expanded, yet somewhat discriminating listenership. LowHero.DLL’s debut 2008 release – FM Era - established a solid indie-electro-pop foundation drawing critical comparisons to notable acts like Fischerspooner, The Faint, Apoptygma Berzerk, and Ladytron. As an added twist, the lyrics of two of the tracks fromFM_Era (Last Orbit, Forty-two) were made up of word-play and math puzzles. Subsequent releases have seen a steady increase in aggressiveness with the sparse but well-conceived inclusion of indie-rock guitar elements, escalating to full post-punk glory in the 2010 EP, Black…Bored. Most recently, Chalker has taken some risk in experimenting with harsh, dubstep-influenced electro-bass lines overlaid with clever lyrical content, a sound which is centrally featured on the 2012 release,Worse Than Digital.

All of LowHero.DLL’s work has been critically praised for originality, strong production quality, lyrical wit, and relevance. Jonathan Chalker proudly employs the MPK61 MIDI Performance Keyboard for all his audio compositions.

Artist's Akai Pro Gear

  • MPK61
    USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
Something I absolutely love about Akai products is the "feel". When you press a pad or key, bend a wheel, or turn a knob, Akai responds instantly and feeds back in a completely unique way when compared to equipment from competitors.