Mark Mahoney

Mark Mahoney describes himself as an ambient/experimental musician, but often his music will embrace other genres as well. When performing, his compositions will take the listener through mysterious inner journeys that have many musical twists and turns.

Mahoney has been a musician most of his life. Evolving from saxophone, bass guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, and now synthesizers, Mahoney is comfortable on any of these instruments. Referencing greats such as John Coltrane, Steve Roach, and Robert Rich, Mahoney approaches his craft in a very thoughtful and cerebral manner that defines post-modern ambient music. He utilizes both analogue and digital synthesizers in performance.

Mark recently picked up the Akai Pro MPK49 and it has been a breakthrough instrument for his performances.

Artist's Akai Pro Gear

  • MPK49
    Performance Controller With 12 MPC Drum Pads