I am Veela. I speak in first person, not third, as I want to express from my mind how I came to be. As raw as possible, straight from the source.

People always ask me how I "got into all of this". Truth is, I'm originally a celtic piano ballad composer. I fell in love with the beauty, sorrow and honesty that are harboured by old melodies. I taught myself everything I know about music, I was never classically trained. Through this, I developed a style that wasn't influenced by much except for the existing songs I died for.

Enya, Loreena McKinnit and Zara Tellander were my main influences. Even today you can always hear a trickle of those women in my voice. Something else that is very predominant in my style is rhythmic phonetics or "sing rapping". Artists such as Eminem, Linkin Park and Enigma have all played a great role in shaping my style. Later I began listening to Imogen Heap and she became a role model. There is something powerful and otherworldly about a focused genius.

I created my first electronica EP, Prelude. My originals, "San Francisco" and "Night Vision" were both nominated for Best Pop Song of the Year at the HMMAs in Hollywood. I serendipitously began working with OfStorms Creative Studios, developing visual art and opening another life changing relationship. The visions I had were finally coming to life. With the help of my friend and mentor, Christoph Maitland, the stars looked bright ahead.

In the midst of all that, I was also learning how to DJ. I was playing about one show a week and learning to understand the beautiful dynamic that is present in a crowd of people. DJing and playing my originals live, I've performed at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival (VEMF) alongside 12th Planet, Christopher Lawrence and Kill the Noise. I've opened for such names as Lazy Rich, JELO, Toby Emerson and Soulfix.

Recently, while working on my new album, I've been keeping busy doing original vocals for other producers. I get sent a track and if I like it, I'll compose a melody, write lyrics and record vocals for it. My vocals have been featured on tracks by Ephixa, Toby Emerson, Feint, TwoThirds, Cold Blank, Blackmill and many many more. I love working with different sounds than my own, it's refreshing and a challenge. The song I collaborated with Blackmill on, "Let It Be" reached #4 most blogged song on the internet in November of 2011.

The main goal is to inspire. The most rewarding thing for me is to have someone be inspired by my art to create something of their own. I am here to show us the beauty in all things, to prove that it is all possible. That our minds are far more powerful and vast than we have ever imagined. We are magic.

I use my APC 40 most often when I'm performing live, with Ableton, triggering loops and tracks in real time. It's one of the most versatile midi controllers I've ever come across, and I've even given mine a sweet paint job.