AKAI MPC Renaissance And Studio - Creating A Keygroup Program

akai mpc renaissance mainKeygroups allow you to take a sample and map it across the keys of a MIDI controller, essentially creating a custom virtual instrument. This guide walks through creating a simple keygroup using the MPC software.



Creating A Keygroup

  1. Choose a sample to start the key group with and drag it into the Project Information window.

    akai mpc ren keygroup 1

  2. Open the Sample Edit window and set the root note of the sample. This can be found by comparing what note on a keyboard sounds closest to the sample. 

    akai mpc ren keygroup 2

  3. In the Main window create a key group program on an unused track.

    akai mpc ren keygroup 3

  4. In the Program Edit window choose the sample as the first layer.

    akai mpc ren keygroup 4

    Congratulations! You've created a keygroup program!

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