VIP - Everything you need to know about Plugin Maps

Included with the VIP software are over 250 Plugin Maps for most VST Instruments (VSTi) on the market today. Plugin Maps give you automatic factory preset importing, automatic category tagging, and automatic controller mapping. Which Plugin Maps are inclu

Akai Pro MPX16 - Mapping to the MPC Software

The Akai Pro MPX16 makes a great stand-alone sample recorder and player. The MPX16 can also be used to control the legendary MPC software. There is some basic MIDI mapping that you need to perform in order to properly control your pads. This guide will

Akai Pro MPK mini MKII - Setup with FL Studio

The Akai MPK mini MKII series controllers combine deep software integration, enhanced workflow, and core technologies from the iconic line of MPC workstations. The MPK series are engineered to be all-in-one controller solutions for comprehensive interfac

Akai Pro MPK mini MKII - How to Obtain, Download, and Install Included Software

The MPK mini MKII is an ultra-compact controller designed for the travelling musician and desktop producer. This guide walks through how to obtain, download, and install the included MPC Essentials, Hybrid 3, and Wobble software.

Akai Pro MPX16 - Loading Samples

Loading samples with the Akai Pro MPX16 is quick and easy. In this article, we walk through loading WAV samples from either an external SD card or from the internal memory.

What plugins can I use with the Akai Pro Advance keyboards and VIP?

The VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) software included with your Akai Pro Advance series controller gives you immediate access to any virtual instrument in your collection. Virtually any VST Instrument (VSTi) will work in VIP, including VST and VST2 instru

VIP - Everything you need to know about managing Plugins and Presets inside VIP

With the Advance Keyboards and VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) software, your entire VSTi library is controlled by one application. This video walks through how to manage your all your plugins and presets in VIP, including Scanning Your Plugins, Plugins

My EWI5000 or EWI4000S is not playing in tune, is detuned, or transposed. What should I do?

In this article, we have put together some suggestions on troubleshooting unexpected transposition and detuning with the EWI5000 or EWI4000S.

Akai Pro Advance Series - Creating and Adjusting Keyboard Splits

The Akai Professional Advance Keyboards are like nothing else you've ever played. The Advance controller gives you unprecedented playability and unrestricted manipulation of any virtual instrument with an exclusive interactive, full-color display, complem

Akai Pro Advance Series - Creating and Using Setlists

The Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software application allows you to control your entire VSTi library from one application. A Setlist allows users to order their patches in a set for quick selection when playing live or just stepping through a list of f