Akai MPC1000 - Using with an External Sound Module

The MPC 1000 is a powerful sequencer and sampler. The capabilities of the MPC 1000 can be expanded when used as a sequencer to trigger external synthesizer modules. The following guide walks through the procedure for using the MPC 1000 to trigger an exte

Akai MPC500 - Mapping to the Ableton Live Drum Rack

The Akai MPC 500 is a portable but powerful version of the larger MPC series units. Not only is it a capable sampler and sequencer in its own right, but it can also serve conveniently as a MIDI controller for Ableton Live. The following article will walk

Akai MAX49 - Setup for Reaper

In this tutorial we'll cover the Reaper's industry standard features for MIDI controllers by setting up a MAX49 for keyboard

Akai MAX49 and PreSonus Studio One Transport Control - Windows 7

The MAX49 is always a great tool that adds flexibilty and improved workflow to nearly any studio. Studio One is an ever increasingly popular DAW by PreSonus. This guide takes the user through the steps to using these two great products together seemless

Akai MAX49 - Setup for Logic Pro 9

The MAX49 with Apple's Logic Pro is a powerful and flexible production system. This guide will outline syncing the tempo and transport controls between the MAX49 and Logic, as well as one method of assigning the MAX49's touch faders to any parameter.

Akai Pro MAX49 - Setup for Cubase

The MAX49 can provide powerful control of Cubase's user interface and virtual instruments. This guide will provide you with quick setup instructions for the MAX49's Cubase preset, and Cubase's preferences to setup the MAX49 for MIDI Note transmission, sur

iMPC App 101: Using AudioCopy to copy a Sequence to another App

This quick tutorial will show you how to utilize AudioCopy to copy an iMPC sequence into another App that supports AudioPaste.

iMPC App 101: Triggering the iMPC pads with a Class Compliant MIDI device

Class compliant USB audio interfaces, MIDI controllers and keyboards can be connected to the iPad using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. These devices can be used to trigger the pads in your iMPC App. This article shows you how achieve this.

iMPC App 101: Transferring iMPC content to and from your computer

iMPC App 101: Transferring iMPC content to and, from your computer is super straight foward. In this article we show you how to save your exported iMPC sequences, projects, and songs on your computer. We also show you how to transfer samples from your com

Akai EIE & EIE Pro - Setup with Ableton

Containing 4 routable inputs and outputs, the EIE and EIE Pro expand on the stereo inputs and outputs normally found on computer sound cards, and external audio interfaces. This 'how to' guide will walk you setting up all inputs and outputs for use in Abl