*tap the targets

Touchscreen Workflow

main menu

The central hub of your MPC: Configure the tracks and programs in your current sequence to the intstruments you want to use. Show/hide the channel strip on the touchscreen for ultrafast mixing.


Browse your computer's internal and external hard disks to load samples, sequences and songs.


Select a folder containing samples and import one by tapping the screen.

sample edit

Trim, chop and process your samples. Use the touchscreen to quickly zoom the waveform or input slices. With the magnifying glass tool selected, use a pinch gesture on the waveform to display zoom in or out. Touch and drag to move the waveform left or right.

grid view

Edit your MIDI performance, take advantage of the touchscreen interface to input, erase or tweak notes. Adjust the starting points and length of the recorded notes using the touchscreen.

step sequencer

The experience of a traditional step-sequencer-style drum machine combined with an incredible touch interface.

pad mixer

Set levels, stereo panning, routing and add VST effects plugins for a comprehensive mixing experience.

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