Tips and Tricks - MPC synchronizing


This article contains precise instructions on configuring your MPC and DAW to work together best. Simply select the DAW you use from the links at the right and follow the directions to synchronize your MPC and DAW in both Master and Slave configurations.

Before you begin:

  1. Update your MPC to the latest Operating System to ensure full functionality and performance.
  2. Have the manual for your software handy to refer to most-current settings regarding sync, tempo, and other key elements mentioned in this article.
  3. Make sure your MIDI and audio interfaces are fully up to date with the latest software and drivers for the operating system and computer you are using.
  4. Set your computer’s audio buffers and processing settings for the most reliable performance and synchronization.
  5. Make sure to test each sync method to find the best one for your particular setup.

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