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Akai MPC Renaissance and Studio - Pad Bank Performance with External Controllers

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Article updated 06-27-2017

akai mpc software bank padsA working studio can include several MIDI controllers with pad play features, like the MPD232, MPK249, LPD8, Advance 49, and many others. The MPC Renaissance, Studio, Touch, Live and X pads are implemented with the MPC Software in a way that doesn't require the user's to know what MIDI note values are being transmitted from the controller. The MPC software can also accept MIDI note values from external MIDI controllers to trigger samples, and this article shows you, by Bank and Sample Pad, what MIDI note values the MPC Software accepts when the instrument type is MPC, or better know as a sample program.




List of Incoming MIDI Notes by Related Bank and Pad

  1. MPC Pad Bank A 
    akai mpc software bank a 2

  2. MPC Pad Bank B
    akai mpc software bank b 2

  3. MPC Pad Bank C
    akai mpc software bank c 2

  4. MPC Pad Bank D
    akai mpc software bank d 2

  5. MPC Pad Bank E
    akai mpc software bank e 2

  6. MPC Pad Bank F
    akai mpc software bank f 2

  7. MPC Pad Bank G
    akai mpc software bank g 2

  8. MPC Pad Bank H
    akai mpc software bank h 2


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