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Akai Pro MPC Software 2.0 - Downloading and Installing the MPC 2.3 Update

Created: 11/20/2018 | Modified: 11/20/2018

With the release of MPC 2.3, users receive their biggest update yet. New features include three new software instruments, an arpeggiator, auto-sampler, and all new workflow enhancements. The best part is that all of these features are now also available for the MPC X and MPC Live with the MPC 2.3 firmware update. In this article, we'll show you where you can download the MPC 2.3 software update and how to install it.

Akai Pro MPC X and MPC Live - Firmware Update 2.3 Walkthrough

Created: 11/15/2018 | Modified: 11/15/2018

In this video, we show you how to download and install the massive new v2.3 update for your MPC X and Live. This includes where to download and how to run the update, as well as all the great new features you can expect on the other side.

Akai Pro MPK mini MKII - Redeeming and Downloading Your Copy of Reason Lite

Created: 10/31/2018 | Modified: 11/15/2018

Your MPK mini MKII comes bundled with so much great software titles, including an optimized version of Reason 10: Reason 10 Lite. While it is a streamlined version of Reason 10, its small footprint makes a big mark in the Music Production space. It is a fully functional DAW that will allow you powerful MIDI and Audio recording with the built-in instruments and audio FX processing. This guide will walk you through the process of downloading and installing Reason 10 Lite.

Akai Pro MPK mini Play - Frequently Asked Questions

Created: 10/11/2018 | Modified: 10/11/2018

With over 100 built-in melodic instruments, drum kits, and sound effects, the MPK mini Play is an all in one solution to portable jam sessions. Whether you are on the couch, in the park, or traveling to your next gig, the MPK mini Play lets you capture those little moments of creation! Inspiration can strike wherever you are - the MPK mini Play can be anywhere you are. This article answers some popular questions about the features and functionality of the MPK mini Play.

Akai Pro Fire - Overview and Tutorial Videos

Created: 09/27/2018 | Modified: 09/27/2018

In this video tutorial series, we take you from unboxing to making beats, showing you how easy it is to play with Fire. Featuring Michael Wynne.

Akai Pro Fire - FL Power User Videos with Michael Wynne

Created: 09/27/2018 | Modified: 09/27/2018

Michael Wynne is a recording artist and mixing engineer with a passion for teaching. In 2016 I founded "In The Mix", an audio community where he teaches music production and mixing to over 125,000 members. Some of Michael's videos covering the Akai Fire and how it improves your creative workflow in FL Studio are featured below.

Akai Pro MPC Touch - Uninstalling and Updating MPC Touch Drivers

Created: 09/26/2018 | Modified: 09/26/2018

If you've updated your operating system from a previous version of macOS and you're having trouble getting everything up and running smoothly, remnant settings from the old OS may be causing the issue. This article will walk you through the steps to configure the operating system, hardware drivers, and resolve any issues.

Akai Pro Fire - How to Download and Install FL Studio: Fruity Fire Edition

Created: 09/25/2018 | Modified: 09/28/2018

The Akai Fire is the first dedicated control surface built to interface directly with FL Studio. This article will walk through the complete registration, download, and setup of the included software.

Akai Pro Fire - Frequently Asked Questions

Created: 09/18/2018 | Modified: 10/22/2018

The Akai Fire is the first dedicated control surface built to interface directly with FL Studio. Featuring velocity-sensitive pads, an OLED display, and an intuitive one-to-one hardware representation of FL Studio's sequencer, it will be the perfect companion for any beginner or professional FL Studio user. In this article, we'll cover your top questions about the Akai Fire.

macOS Mojave 10.14 and iOS 12 Support for Akai Pro Products

Created: 09/12/2018 | Modified: 11/09/2018

As Apple unveils its newest operating system, it's time to decide if your system is ready for an update. To help you stay updated, we've tested our products with the latest pre-release versions of macOS Mojave 10.14 prior to its release.