Akai Professional Drives Creativity to New Heights with MPC 2.0 Music Production Software

Cumberland, RI USA (January 9, 2017) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music equipment for performers and producers, is showing their MPC 2.0 at Winter NAMM, the latest version of their acclaimed music production software. Compatible with Mac and PC, MPC 2.0 works either alone as your main DAW or integrates seamlessly with your current DAW as a VST or AU plug-in. It’s available with Akai Professional’s MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Touch and MPC Studio Black.

Edit, Mix, Create:

Used in conjunction with an Akai Professional MPC unit, performers and producers will find that MPC 2.0 will Edit, Mix and Create in a manner unmatched by any other production software. There is a comprehensive suite of audio editing tools: Pointer, Eraser, Audition, Scissors, Fade In, Fade Out, Reverse, Mute, Pitch Adjust and BPM Adjust. For mixing, users can automate any effect, instrument or mixer parameter. With its advanced signal routing capability—submixes, FX returns, multi-output plugin support (up to 16 stereo outputs) and more—there is virtually no limit to the versatility on tap for the artist.


For performers, MPC 2.0 brings their presentation to the next level. A new Clip Program mode is powered by MPC’s real-time warping algorithm. Features like Enhanced Q-Link functionality for precision control mapping of MPCs editable functions and selectable hardware outputs providing seamless assimilation into multiple usage scenarios make MPC 2.0 a powerful creative tool.

Manipulate Tempo or Pitch:

Use real-time time-stretching to change the duration of any audio region, drum/keygroup sample or clip to match the tempo of your project. Use real-time high-quality pitch shifting to change the pitch of any audio region, drum/keygroup sample or clip for creative manipulation or to change the key of the source material. Use the included BPM detection algorithm to set the tempo of any audio file. MPC 2.0 makes it easy to manipulate the time and pitch of any source material: a chopped vocal in an audio track, a drum loop in a clip program or an orchestral phrase loaded into a chromatic sampler program.


MPC 2.0 is versatile and adaptable as well. It supports WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX and SND, as well as supporting samples and sequences from any MPC ever made. There is full 64-bit support in all versions: standalone, VST, AAX and AU.

MPC Software v2.0

  • Completely new graphical interface
  • Audio track recording and real-time audio warping
  • More efficient and streamlined MPC workflow
  • Audio and Midi drag and drop
  • Enhanced QLink Control

“MPC 2.0 is the next generation of Akai Professional music production software, perfected by over a year of intense R & D,” said Dan Gill, Product Manager for Akai Professional. “This software suite really energizes the creative process for performers and producers alike, and is an indispensable part of our MPC’s amazing capability.”

MPC 2.0 is bundled with Akai Professional MPC hardware, and is available in Q1 2017. It will be available separately as an update for existing MPC customers at a later date, price TBD.

For more information, visit akaipro.com.

### About Akai Professional

The world’s most influential manufacturer of music production gear, Akai Professional develops creative technologies to empower music makers with tools that are unmatched in expressive capability. Akai Professional is best known for creating the legendary MPC, an instrument that has inspired generations of producers and performers and spawned entirely new genres of music. Akai Professional is a part of the inMusic family of premiere music brands.