Virtual Instrument Developer Eastwest Announces VIPMS Support for Their Entire Catalogue of Premium VSTs

Ash Vale, UK (September 27, 2017) — Akai Professional (, creator of the critically acclaimed Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) software — the only software that enables musicians to catalogue, control and map their entire VST instrument and effect library directly from their keyboard — today announced complete VIP Native Plugin Map Standard (VIPMS) support for EastWest’s catalogue of premium virtual instruments, which are included in their award-winning ComposerCloud subscription service. Now with the combination of VIP 3.0, an EastWest ComposerCloud subscription and a compatible MIDI controller, users can catalogue, browse and manipulate more than 10,000 EastWest instruments with the hands-on ease-of-use facilitated by dedicated hardware controls.

ComposerCloud is the first subscription model for virtual instruments. For a low monthly fee, artists enjoy instant access a vast array of award-winning instruments spanning every genre. Now VIP 3.0 users can benefit from the VIPMS support when accessing the meticulously produced EastWest catalogue, including flagship products like Hollywood Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Choirs and over fifty other collections.

Hollywood Orchestra is the most detailed and comprehensive orchestral virtual instrument collection available – including Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds and Hollywood Orchestral Percussion. Symphonic Choirs realistically recreates the sound of a choir with an unprecedented degree of control, sonic quality and flexibility. Plus, with its WordBuilder software, users can even type in words for the choirs to sing! ComposerCloud includes instruments for every musical style: orchestral, keyboards, rock/pop, ethnic, urban and EDM. It’s compatible with Ableton, Cubase, Finale, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Performer, Pro Tools, Reaper, Sibelius, Sonar, Studio One, VE Pro and other AU, AXX, VST hosts.

VIP 3.0 revolutionizes the hardware/software experience and provides musicians and producers with unparalleled access to their VST virtual instrument and effect collection. The combination of VIP 3.0 and a compliant controller maximises workflow and ensures a natural, creative playing experience.

With VIP 3.0, users can drastically enhance the creative capability of any standard MIDI over USB controller thanks to all-new MIDI Learn functionality. Now artists can seamlessly custom map the controls of any MIDI controller (knobs, encoders, faders, buttons) to VIP’s parameters, for effortless integration and the enhanced workflow that owners of the award-winning Akai Professional Advance Series and M-Audio’s CTRL49 have long enjoyed. For instant creative capability VIP 3.0 includes an extensive, ever-growing library of MIDI controller mappings including Akai Professional’s MPK88, MPK2 Series, MPK Mini MKII & APC Key 25 and M-Audio’s CODE Series, Oxygen Series & Axiom AIR Mini 32.

VIP 3.0 Highlights

  • Plays virtually every VST-compatible plugin and effects unit
  • Operates as a standalone virtual instrument and effects player or as a plugin within any AU, VST or AAX compatible DAW
  • Organizes user’s plugin collection with intuitive browsing by plugin, artist collection, instrument type, timbre and more
  • Includes an Effects Browser allowing users to browse effects by type and audition across multiple plugins with a single click
  • Access, edit and mix up to 8 virtual instruments at one time in a Multi
  • Expanded Multi mixer includes insert effects, send effects, bus tracks and a master output channel strip for total routing control
  • Effects Stacks combine multiple effects into re-usable patches, accessible in the patch list for easy selection and auditioning
  • NEW | VIPMS – The VIP Native Plugin Map Standard allows 3rd party virtual instrument and effect developers to produce their own plugin maps for enhanced VIP integration and opening their plugins to the superior workflow offered by VIP
  • NEW | MIDI Learn functionality seamlessly maps the controls of any VIP-compatible keyboard (knobs, encoders, faders, buttons) to VIP’s parameters with a ever-growing library of MIDI controller mappings for Akai and M-Audio controller keyboards included
  • NEW | Pad Chord Progressions - play factory or user defined chord progressions using a VIP-enabled keyboard controller’s pads
  • NEW | Key Control modes: play scales, harmonized chords or chord progressions from a VIP keyboard or MIDI keyboard.

“The VIP Native Plugin Map Standard (VIPMS) marks a breakthrough for the VIP platform” said Pete Goodliffe, Director of Software Development for inMusic Brands. “Now 3rd party instrument manufacturers can produce their meticulously curated plugin maps, offering enhanced integration and superior workflow for musicians, producers and live performers. We are excited to announce EastWest as the first developer to provide full support for VIPMS across their entire catalogue, offering end-users the unparalleled tactile access to such a critically-acclaimed virtual instrument collection as only VIP can.”

“We are very excited about this new hardware and software integration.” Said Doug Rogers, EastWest Founder and Producer. “Artists want to focus on creating music, not wasting time grappling with the technology, and this co-operation achieves that goal; and with the addition of a ComposerCloud subscription artists have a system that includes every kind of instrument, used by the who’s who of the industry, to create any style of music.”


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