The MPC X Special Edition commemorates 35 years of innovative sampling, sound, and sequencing technology from AKAI, the premier name in music production.

Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (April 26, 2023) – Akai Professional, a leading musical equipment and computer software manufacturer for performers and producers, is proud to unveil MPC X Special Edition. MPC X SE steps into the spotlight with more internal storage and memory than ever. Additionally, MPC X SE boasts flagship tactile control to make it the most powerful MPC system ever. With a stylish retro color way, MPC X SE culminates as the high point of the leading name in music production.

35 Years of sampling and Innovation.

MPC has pushed the limits of hardware music creation time and time again. In every generation, leading music makers need technology that can keep up with the speed of their inspiration and the needs of their creativity. MPC continues to lead the way with innovative features and advancements, magically bringing music to life. From Note Repeat and 16 Levels for the hip-hop heads to the infectious Swing for electronic drum grooves and patterns. MPC has been at the ground level of hit song after hit song thanks to its powerfully capable technology.

Today, the standalone MPC platform continues to build on that legacy with seamless touchscreen technology, more I/O than ever to tie an entire production suite together, along with wireless integration like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ableton Link 3 allowing you to make music without any constraint.

The Most Powerful MPC Ever

The rock-solid quad-core processor cements MPC X SE as the leading modern music-making device enhanced with an impressive 4GB of RAM onboard. This delivers more sampling and recording power than ever before. Instantly load instruments, samples to large projects with ease thanks to the increased memory, perfect for studio sessions or on stage between songs. Save large projects, sequences, drum programs to your beats instantly with the expanded 48GB of internal storage without ever interrupting your workflow.

MPC X SE is the only MPC with 2 In/4 Out MIDI to connect all your synths, keyboards, modules and more. The massive 10” adjustable touch screen is the perfect display for those long creative sessions. 16 assignable Q Link knobs with OLEDs provide immediate visual feedback and to any program, instrument, or insert effect parameter for instant hands-on control of your sound. For the high-pace creators tied to a busy schedule, MPC workflow keeps you ahead of the game with an intuitive and efficient creative process.

Legendary Hardware, Cutting-Edge Software

Through the years, the 16-pad MPC grid has been the default input method for MPC. Revel in the nostalgic gray pad color of these new-generation pads that feature RGB backlit edges and pressure-sensitive response. Tap out rhythms, melodies, or chords with ease thanks to the Notes and Chords modes, perfect for playing the thousands of built-in instruments. MPC X SE features a premier collection of instruments including the award-winning flagship “Fabric XL” power-synth, Stage Piano, OPx4 FM synth and much more. MPC has evolved with the contemporary music-maker by adding not only sounds and functionality but also world-class insert effects for processing. Explore a wide collection of plugins like Stutter, Granulator, Half Speed, the AIR Vocal Effects suite, MotherDucker, AMP Sim and so much more. When you need to expand your palate, browse the MPC store and update your MPC X SE with new plugin instruments like Mini D synthesizer or Flavor Pro multi-effects processing unit to breathe new life into your machine. Thanks to the enabled WiFi, update your device wirelessly in mere moments.

Senior Akai Professional product manager Dan Gill shared “The journey for MPC has been a labor of love. We strive every day to deliver the tools that will empower all music-makers, from our life-long MPC users who trust and rely on their MPCs to keep up with their daily music grind, down to the newest members of the MPC community who look to the MPC legend as they foray into their nascent musical endeavors. MPC X Special Edition is a tribute to where we’ve come from, what we’ve accomplished, and marker of the next chapter of innovatory, ground-breaking music product development.”

Key Feature Bullets

  • Standalone MPC - No computer required
  • MPC Plugin Collection- 20+ MPC Instruments
  • 48GB Internal Storage (over 16GB for User Storage)
  • 4GB RAM for Sampling and Audio Recording
  • 100+ Insert Effects from AIR Music Tech
  • Adjustable 10.1” Multi-Gesture Touch Screen
  • 16 Assignable Q Link Knobs
  • Iconic ‘Retro’ MPC Colorway
  • Includes MPC 2 Desktop software for Mac and PC.

Launch Info

MPC X Special Edition will be available worldwide and at the InMusic Store on Wednesday April 26, 2023 for $2499.

Visit to learn more and click to to buy MPC X SE today.


About Akai Professional

The world’s most influential manufacturer of music production gear, Akai Professional develops creative technologies to empower music makers with tools that are unmatched in expressive capability. Akai Professional is best known for creating the legendary MPC, an instrument that has inspired generations of producers and performers and spawned entirely new genres of music. Akai Professional is a part of the inMusic family of premiere music brands.