Designing Your Home Studio DVD


Grammy® Award winning engineer and producer Francis Buckley helps you optimize your studio.

Setting up your home studio just got a lot easier with the new DVD, "Designing Your Home Studio." GRAMMY® Award-winning recording engineer and producer Francis Buckley has been making hit records for most of his life. Great-sounding records don't just happen, and Francis' successful resume including more than sixty albums makes him an authority on the topic.

"Designing Your Home Studio" is a tutorial that guides you through setting up a home studio, regardless of your level of experience and expertise. Using minimal technical jargon, Francis guides you step-by-step through placing speakers, equipment, sound-treatment panels, and more.

This DVD gives you an easy-to-follow guide for identifying and solving acoustical problems in your room because once your monitoring system is set up correctly, your mixes will translate well to any playback system, anywhere – from earbuds to PA systems!

You'll learn solid information on setting up your gear, placing your speakers, using sound panels and bass traps, managing signal flow, listening critically, and much more. There's even a Quickstart guide to get you to the information you need right away as well as a Tech section with helpful tools for analyzing your room.

About Francis Buckley

With a background in music from childhood and recording experience extending back to the early 1970's, Francis Buckley has been making records for over 20 years. His experience ranges from groundbreaking punk act Black Flag's "Damaged" to Quincy Jones' "Q's Jook Joint", for which he won the GRAMMY® Award for Engineering. Francis' contributions as engineer and mixer to such multi-platinum recordings as The Pointer Sisters' "Breakout", Paula Abdul's &"Forever Your Girl", Wilson Phillips' "Wilson Phillips", and Alanis Morisette's "Jagged Little Pill" have helped to sell over 100 million records worldwide. His career includes stops at Unicorn Records and MCA, and a 14-year partnership with fellow producer Glen Ballard.

Key Features

  • Straight advice on studio setup presented by an authority
  • Ideal for any musician or engineer, regardless of experience and expertise
  • Identify and solve acoustical problems so your mixes always sound great
  • Advice on equipment setup, speaker placement, room treatment, signal flow, critical listening, and more

Key Specs

  • DVD Video
  • Dolby Digital Sound