The Advance Firmware Updater application makes it easy to update the firmware on your Advance 25, 49, and 61 keyboards.

Generally, users will look for a firmware update for one of two reasons:

  1. They are hoping that a firmware update will add additional features or functionality.
  2. They are experiencing some difficulty or symptom that they are hoping will be resolved by updating or reinstalling the firmware on their product.

Firmware updates are not recommended as a troubleshooting method for any difficulty. The following guide walks through the update process and some general precautions when running any firmware updates. 


Determine if a Firmware Update is Available

Akai Pro will only provide Advance series firmware updates at the product pages online, in the Docs & Downloads section:

These pages will provide any firmware updater download links as well as a Readme or document of some sort. Always remember to read any documentation first to determine not only any special instructions to run the updater, but also if the update actually includes anything you need or are interested in. Not all firmware updates are necessary.

Preparing for a Firmware Update
  1. Install the latest Advance Driver for your operating system. The drivers are available to download from your Akai Pro account page after you've registered the Advance.
  2. Disconnect all other USB devices and any MIDI devices connected to the Advance (to the 5-pin MIDI ports)
  3. Remove any USB hubs, adapters, or extenders.
  4. Use a single USB cable, preferably no longer than approx 2m / 6ft.
  5. Close VIP along with ALL other applications.
  6. Disable any of your computer's sleep or standby features. This is to prevent the computer from falling asleep and disconnecting the Advance in the middle of an update.
  7. Connect the Advance to a rear USB port if using a desktop computer with multiple ports.

Generally, your controller should have a consistent working connection to your computer in order to install firmware. Do not attempt to install firmware if your controller is not fully recognized and working with VIP on any other audio/MIDI software, or if you've had any type of connection issues with the computer.

If you're experiencing symptoms like the ones listed below, do NOT attempt to update firmware to remedy this. Instead, contact the technical support team for further assistance.

  • Doesn't connect to a computer.
  • Doesn't control software at all.
  • Difficulty mapping controls correctly to software.
  • Latency/delay in playback or any audio playback related issues.
  • Unexpected messages or graphics on display.

Some of these symptoms can often be resolved through some of the troubleshooting shown below. If this does not help and you need further assistance, contact the technical support team and they'll be able to assist.

Running the Firmware Updater App
  1. Download the proper Firmware Updater from the Advance Product Page. Extract and install the firmware updater app (Windows) or extract/mount the DMG (OS X)Akai Pro - Advance 25 - Docs & Downloads
    Akai Pro - Advance 49 - Docs & Downloads
    Akai Pro - Advance 61 - Docs & Downloads
  2. Connect and power on the Advance keyboard.
  3. Open the  “Advance Firmware Updater” app. If the software displays Device not found. Connect keyboard to perform update, but your Advance is connected, please see the troubleshooting above. Otherwise, you will see a screen like below indicating the firmware version and some notes about the update:Note: The description for different firmware update versions will differ, so your screen may not exactly match the above. 
  5. The update will begin, indicated by the progress bar. You will also see the Advance keyboard display and LED lights changing in response. There may be multiple sections to the update process where the progress bar resets to 0% and continues to update. Please be patient during this update and do not disconnect the Advance.
  6. When it is complete and successful, the Advance will automatically reset itself and power back on to the MAIN menu.
  7. The software will also display a Firmware Update Complete message. Click OK.
  8. That’s it. Close the updater software and you're done!
If Your Firmware Update is Interrupted

If the firmware update for your Advance is interrupted in any way and does not complete, there is an "Emergency Update" process which will get you back up and running. This update process should only be done if your Advance keyboard:

  • Will power on but the display is showing an error message or a message indicating it is waiting for a firmware update
  • Will power on but the display is blank (although other LEDs/lights are working)

This firmware update process will not retain any changes you have made to user presets prior. Here are the steps to perform an Emergency Update:

  1. Download the proper Firmware Updater software from the Advance Product Page. Extract and install the firmware updater app (Windows) or extract/mount the DMG file (OS X).Akai Pro Advance 25 - Docs & DownloadsAkai Pro Advance 49 - Docs & DownloadsAkai Pro Advance 61 - Docs & Downloads
  2. Power off the Advance keyboard, while still connected directly to a USB port. Remove any other USB devices or USB hubs if connected and close any other programs, to be sure the firmware is sent uninterrupted.
  3. Now open the  “Advance Firmware Updater” app. You should see this window:
  4. Press “E” on the computer keyboard. Emergency Update will appear at the bottom right of the updater software.
  5. On the Advance keyboard, press and hold both the FULL LEVEL button and the Data Dial (where it says PUSH TO ENTER)
  6. Power on the Advance keyboard while holding these two buttons.
  7. Bootloader. Press Shift to Erase should show on the Advance display. You can now let go off the FULL LEVEL button and Data Dial. Press the SHIFT button on the Advance to erase the existing firmware.
  8. Erasing. Please wait… will appear on the display. In a minute or so, Connecting to USB… waiting for update… will appear.
  9. Once you see this, you should also see the software window change and provide an UPDATE FIRMWARE button:
  10. Click UPDATE FIRMWARE. You may get a confirmation/notification after this. Click OK to continue.
  11. The update will begin, indicated by the progress bar.
  12. Please be patient and do not touch or disconnect the Advance or open any other programs on your computer. When the update is complete and successful, the Advance will automatically reset itself and power back on to the MAIN menu. The software will also indicate the update is complete.
  13. That’s it! Close the updater software and confirm you’re Advance is functioning with VIP or a DAW software.
Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Akai Professional product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Professional technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.