Akai Pro MPC – Troubleshooting Invalid Serial Number and Other Common Unlock Problems

The MPC Software provided with the MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, MPC Studio Black and MPC Touch is a necessary part of the workflow for these machines, so it's important to get it unlocked and working quickly so you can get up and running. If you're running into common problems like an invalid serial number or too many activations, this guide will show you what to do. 


Unlock Problems and Solutions

  1. This serial number is not valid. Please try again. 
  2. Installed on too many computers or too many authorizations
  3. Unlock form will not accept phone number or other field
  4. No intenet connection and/or can't connect to server
  5. What's Next?
  6. Further Technical Support


This serial number is not valid. Please try again. 

If you are new to MPC or haven't needed to unlock the software in awhile, you have experienced this error while attempting to unlock the software:

Don't worry! Your serial number is fine and perfectly valid! MPC is secured by requiring that an MPC (Renaissance, Studio, Studio Black, or Touch) be connected to your computer before it will unlock. This means that no one can simply steal your serial number and take all of your authorizations. 

For that reason, the software will not unlock if you have typed in the serial number manually

So, in order to unlock MPC:

  1. Connect your MPC to a free USB port on your computer (avoid USB hubs, just in case) and power it on. 
  2. Install the drivers for your MPC! This one is important. The drivers allow the MPC software to connect with your hardware. Even if you could unlock the software without your drivers, you'd still need to install the drivers before the software would recognize your MPC. In order to find and install the drivers, simply re-run the latest installer for MPC and click on the picture of your MPC from the main screen to find the latest driver installers. For Windows users, please be sure that you have properly extracted/unzipped the downloaded package before running the installer. 


  3. Once the drivers are installed, re-open the MPC Software, select Unlock Now and you'll see your serial number appear in black at the top of the screen automatically. Now just fill out the rest of the form and hit Unlock!

Please note: If using macOS Sierra with the MPC Renaissance or MPC Studio (silver), you'll want to grab the latest drivers from the product page:

For a complete walk through on installing the drivers, unlocking the software and more setup tips, make sure to check out our guide below:



Installed on too many computers or too many authorizations

You may experience this error if you're reinstalling after a harddrive crash, purchased your MPC from a friend or even just attempting to authorize on a different computer. While this may sound bad, it's very easy to get up and running again. 

The MPC software comes with four (4) activations, meaning one MPC serial number can authorize the software on up to 4 different computers at the same time. But, you may be thinking: "I've only ever used one computer!" or "I just purchased this MPC and haven't yet been able to activate the software!"

If the MPC was pre-owned or even borrowed by a friend, a few activations may have been used already. Also, if you've ever needed to reinstall your operating system, replace a harddrive or any other vital component on your computer, you likely would have had to re-unlock the software without clearing the previous authorization.

But, don't worry! If you've reached the 4 activation limit, older activations can be cleared quickly and easily by our support team. Here's what you should do:

  1. Go to AkaiPro.com/Support
  2. Choose Software Authorization Assistance* from the Inquiry Type field and fill out the necessary contact information:
    * This ensures that your inquiry is sent to the right place and therefore fulfilled as fast as possible
  3. Important: Enter the serial number exactly as it appears on the bottom of your MPC and/or within the serial number field of the unlock form. Please include the (21). If the serial number is incorrect or incomplete, it may be difficult to find and remove the older activations for the MPC.
  4. Finally, in the message field simply mention that you have "authorized on too many computers" and you would like to clear the older activations. 

And that's it! You'll receive an email shortly confirming that the older activations have been cleared. 

For even faster support, you can call your nearest support team by using the contact information on the right side of our contact page



Unlock form will not accept phone number or other field

Some customers may have trouble filing out the form, sometimes because they're local address and contact information is slightly different than what is requested or because a field was not filled out at all. If you're having trouble with this, you may have seen one of these errors:

Not to worry! The MPC form will accept virtually any address format, as long as the required fields are filled out. In the example above, it may appear that the phone number is incorrect, but the form is actually indicating that nothing was entered into the Country field. 

Please make sure that all following fields are completed before hitting Unlock Now

  • Serial Number (MPC should do this for you, see above)
  • Full Name
  • Email Address (must be a vaild email address)
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State/County (can be region of country or city again if necessary)
  • Postal/ZIP code
  • Country
  • Phone number (will accept +, -, and () symbols)



No internet connection and/or can't connect to server

Some studios and musicians like to keep their performance and studio computers offline to help improve their system performance, prevent viruses, and overall keep their work private. While MPC will require an internet connection in order to unlock, you can use your smart phone, tablet or a different computer to fulfill this step and allow your main system to remain offline. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the MPC Renaissance, Studio, Studio Black or Touch to a power source and to a USB port on your computer.
  2. Power on the MPC and launch the MPC Software. 
  3. Do not click Unlock Now.  Click Use Web Form instead.
  4. The window that appears will have your name, serial number, and software ID number provided.
  5. Click Save Details to save this information as a .txt file, or copy the information from each field into another file of your choosing.  Put this file on a thumb drive or disk.
  6. Go to another computer that is connected to the Internet, go to the site below:http://authorizations.akaipro.com/MPC

    Enter the information you copied in step 2 above, and click Unlock My MPC.

  7. Copy the unlock code from the window that appears.  Write it down, or save it back to a text file on your thumb drive.
  8. Return to the computer that you are authorizing.  In your MPC software, go to the window from Step 5 above and click Enter Code.


  9. Enter your name and the unlock code generated by the webpage.
  10. Click Unlock, and enjoy your MPC!



What's Next?

Now that your software is unlocked, the next step is to learn how to use it! Whether you're new to MPC or just need a refresher, check out the articles below for more tutorials and how-to-guides on using the software and perfecting your technique:



Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.