Your MPC 2.0 software comes complete with two available authorizations, and endless activation possibilities. Using the iLok License Manager, your license can be easily transferred from one computer to another or placed on an iLok dongle for ultimate portability. This article will discuss how to easily activate, deactivate and transfer licenses, as well as how to fix some common iLok errors.


Managing Your License

FAQ and Troubleshooting



Things to Keep in Mind

Please keep the following in mind when it comes to managing your authorization keys:

  1. One MPC 2.0 license code authorizes up to two computers at one time.  
  2. A license can be deactivated, allowing you to authorize the software on a different computer if you need to.  
  3. If the license is placed on a computer and that computer fails, or the operating system is re-installed without deactivating the license, that license is permanently lost.
  4. To avoid permanently losing any licenses, you can choose to save the license to an iLok dongle (sold separately).


Installing the iLok License Manager

Using the free iLok License Manager and an iLok account will give you the best options for managing your license activations. Before continuing with the article, make sure to begin by downloading and installing the latest version of the iLok License Manager on any computer where you plan on running MPC 2.0. 

  1. Navigate to and choose iLok License Manager at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the link for your operating system (Windows or Mac) to download the latest version of the iLok License Manager. 

For a complete walkthrough on the installation of the iLok License Manager, check out our complete walkthrough video below. 

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Activating a License with the iLok License Manager

While MPC 2.0 can be activated through its designated authorizer applications, in some cases it's more efficient to just enter your authorization code directly into the iLok License Manager, especially if you're activating or re-activating on a new computer.

  1. Find and open the iLok License Manager from your Programs or Applications folder.
  2. Click on Sign-In in the top left corner. If you have used iLok before with other products and have an account, sign-in to your account. If you have never seen or used iLok before, click on Create New Account in the Sign In window and follow the prompts to create an account.
    Please note: We recommend using an iLok account. Signing in is not always necessary to utilize an iLok license, but having and using an account to keep track of your licenses is free and provides additional features and options for managing and moving your licenses when necessary. For even more portability, an iLok dongle is a common option.
  3. Once you are logged in, click on Licenses at the top of the window and choose Redeem Activation Code.
  4. A window will appear with space for you to enter an authorization code.
  5. Find the Authorization Code for your plugin. This will be provided on your user account page next to the MPC 2.0 download once you've registered your product.
  6. Copy and paste this code into the first box on the left and the code will fill out the remaining fields. When you're ready, click Next.
  7. You will be prompted to choose a location for your license. You are free to choose an iLok dongle if you have one, or just choose your computer (this will be the option with the computer icon on the left) and click Activate.

    Please note: If your iLok account is chosen here (option at the top), the activation code will be added to your iLok account but it will not be activated. Please see the FAQ section below for instructions to activate your license to your computer or iLok dongle. 

  8. You will be asked to confirm this one more time. Click OK
  9. Finally, iLok will notify you when the activation is complete!

That's it! You're ready to open MPC 2.0 and make some noise!

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Deactivating a License and Transferring to Another Computer

Deactivating a license can come in handy if you need to authorize the MPC 2.0 software on a new computer and need to free up an authorization. The license can then be transferred to your iLok account and moved onto the new computer or iLok by logging into the iLok License Manager on the new computer. Please note: This process requires an iLok account. 

  1. Open the iLok License Manager.
  2. Log into your iLok account. If you did not create an account when first installing/authorizing the software, you will need to create a free account now.
  3. In the left column, select the hard drive or iLok on which the MPC software license exists. For example, in the image below the MPC license is stored on the host computer. 
  4. Right-click on the associated license and choose Deactivate. Note: If Deactivate is unavailable, that may mean the license was initially activated without creating an iLok account (i.e. through the software's authorizer). You will need to first right click and select Take Ownership to add the license to your account before you can make the transfer. See the Take Ownership section below for complete instructions. 
  5. Click OK to Confirm Deactivation.
  6. Once the activation is complete, go to the new computer and open the iLok License Manager. You can find this in your Programs or Applications folder. 
  7. Log in to your iLok account by selecting Sign In in the top-left. 
  8. Click on your account in the top left, and find the MPC software license. Right-click on the license and choose Activate
  9. You will be prompted to choose a location to store the license. Use this opportunity to choose your host computer or a connected iLok dongle. Choose one and select Activate
  10. Click OK when asked to confirm the activation.
  11. Congratulations! You've transferred your license to a new computer. Open MPC and make some noise!

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FAQ and Troubleshooting

I authorized my license with the MPC 2.0 software's authorizer and now I can't activate on a different computer. What do I do?

If you authorized your software with the software's authorizer, you may have done this without creating an iLok account. This is perfectly normal, but you'll need to "Take Ownership" of the license to apply it to an iLok account before you can transfer the license to use on multiple computers. To do this:

  1. Go to your computer where the software is authorized, open the iLok License Manager and create an iLok account as described above.
  2. On the left side of the License Manager, select your computer's hard drive where your license will inevitably be stored.
  3. Find and right-click on your license in the main window. Select Take Ownership from the list.
  4. iLok will ask to confirm the request. Click OK

You will now be free to deactivate and transfer the license. 

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When I try to open iLok I get an error stating "Software Component Unavailable." What do I do?

Windows users may get this error if the iLok services have not started automatically. To start the services:

  1. Close the iLok License Manager, navigate to the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools.
  2. Find and select Services.
  3. In the Services window, locate Pace License Services and double-click on it to open the properties.
  4. Set the Startup type to Automatic and click on Start to start the service.
  5. Click Apply, close the windows and re-open the iLok License Manager.

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I followed this guide but I just get a "code redemption limit has been reached" error. What do I do?

This often means that your iLok account was selected when redeeming the authorization code instead of your computer or iLok dongle. This will result in adding the authorization code to your account, but it will not yet be fully activated. To fully activate the license:

  1. Click on your account icon in the top left to view your licenses. Log-in if necessary.
  2. Find the MPC license in the list, right-click and select Activate.
  3. You will be prompted to choose a location to store the license. Use this opportunity to choose your host computer or a connected iLok dongle. Choose one and select Activate.
  4. When prompted, click OK to complete the activation. 

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Learn More About iLok License Manager

Want to learn more about how the iLok License Manager works? Simply follow this link to find out!  


Further Technical Support

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