MPCTOUCH Combining the might of a pro-level piece of production gear truly fit to carry the MPC shield with the tactile ease of use found on smartphones and tablets, the Touch is truly a workflow revolution.  It incorporates the ease of a touch screen right on the device for quicker production.  This guide thoroughly walks through the installation procedure.



  1. Video Installation Walkthrough
  2. Step-By-Step Installation Walkthrough
  3. What's Next?
  4. Further Technical Support



Video Installation Walkthrough

For successful use of the MPC Touch, there are multiple components to install such as the MPC Software, DisplayLink drivers, etc. To make this process a bit easier to do, we have made a video walkthrough of the whole installation process you can follow along with:



Initial Installation Windows




Updating the MPC Software

You will notice an RTAS is no longer supported error message come up after choosing "Update MPC Software" but this will not disrupt your installation. This is simply a disclaimer to let you know that the older Pro Tools plugin format, RTAS, is not included with this installer. This is only recommended for customers running Pro Tools 10.3.7 and up. If you have an earlier version, you will need to update Pro Tools in order to use the latest MPC software plugin in Pro Tools.



Once you move past this informational window, the update wizard opens.  Follow the suggested steps as shown in the screen shots below.

4 5  6  6a  7  7a  8

Once the wizard completes, you will see the update notes.  Choose Close, and restart your computer.

10 when software opensDriver install 1



Installing the Audio/MIDI Driver

Once you restart your computer, run the updater again.  The initial installation window will prompt you to begin the next section that you have not yet installed.  Choose Install Audio/MIDI Driver.

Welcome   License Agreement   Install

Once this installer completes, you may need to restart the computer.  Follow the prompts to do so if necessary.



Installing the Touch Driver

Run the updater again.  The initial installation window will prompt you to begin the next section that you have not yet installed.  Choose Install Touch Driver.  Follow the suggested steps.

Start   Welcome Touch   License Agreement Touch   Install Touch   Completed Touch   Restart

Once the installer completes, follow the prompts to restart your computer.



Install Display Driver

Once you restart your computer, run the updater.  The initial installation window will prompt you to begin the next section that you have not yet installed.  Choose Install Display Driver.  Follow the suggested steps to install the Display driver.

1 Copy

Note the Important message that appears.  Once the DisplayLink driver begins to install and asks you to attach the device, the Important window tells you NOT to connect the device at this time.  This is a very important step to follow.

3 Copy


Press OK in the Important window to begin the display driver installation.  Follow the suggested steps.

4 Copy   5 Copy   6 Copy   7 Copy

Once the drivers install, you will need to reboot your computer.



Configure the MPC Touch Screen

After you complete the reboot, you are ready to configure your screen.  Run the updater once more.  The initial installation window will prompt you to begin the next section that you have not yet installed.  Choose Configure screen.  Follow the prompts to configure the MPC Touch screen.

1 Config Screen   2 Looking   3 Start   4 Switch   5 Warning   6 Choose   7 Use   8 Wait   9 Restart

You will need to reboot your computer one final time.  After this restart, you are ready to use the MPC Touch!



Unlocking MPC

This process will require internet connection. If you are not currently connected to the internet, see the next section on using the Offline Software Unlock Process

  1. Connect the MPC Touch to a power source and to a free USB port on your computer.
  2. Power on the MPC Touch. Once it's fully powered on and recognized, launch the MPC software.
  3. When the "Welcome to MPC!" box pops up, click on Unlock Now.
  4. In the window that appears, fill out all of the requested information.  Important: Your MPC Touch serial number needs to appear in the serial number field on it's own. If it does not, check that your MPC Touch is connected directly to your computer, and that the drivers have been installed correctly. You can re-run the installer to reinstall the drivers if necessary. 


  5. Once every field has been filled out, press Unlock Now and enjoy your MPC!



Offline Software Unlock Process

If your computer is not currently connected to the internet, follow these additional steps instead of Step 5. 

  1. Perform steps 1-4 in the Unlock Process above
  2. Instead of Unlock Now, click on Use Web Form.
  3. The window that appears will have your name, serial number, and software ID number provided automatically. 
  4. Click Save Details to save this information as a .txt file, or copy the information from each field into another file of your choosing. Put this file ona thumb drive or disk. 
  5. Go to another computer (or mobile device) that is connected to the internet and go to the site below:
  6. Enter the information that was saved or copied from Step 4 into the web form and click Unlock My MPC.
  7. Copy the unlock code from the window that appears. Write it down or save it back to a text file on your thumb drive. You will need to enter this code exactly as it appears.
  8. Return to the computer that you are authorizing. In your MPC Software, go to the window from Step 5 above and click Enter Code
  9. Enter your name and the unlock code generated by the web form. 
  10. Click Unlock, and enjoy your MPC!


What's Next?

All setup and ready to make some noise? Check out our other videos and tutorials below for more on MPC basics, using key MPC Touch features and tips on producing with an MPC Touch:

Setup Guides

Tutorial Videos


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.