The MPC 2.2 firmware update for the MPC X and MPC Live can now be installed straight from a USB drive without connecting the MPC to a computer. In the video below, we walk through the process of downloading and installing the MPC 2.2 update with a USB drive. 


Update Release Notes

Important: This update is required for complete compatibility with the MPC 2.2 desktop software. Some new features are synonymous with the desktop software and will not work together unless both the software and firmware are updated.

The MPC 2.2 Update introduces the following features for the MPC X, MPC Live, and MPC 2.0 software:

  • MIDI Learn Global and Project - The MPC desktop software can now be controlled by external MIDI control surfaces such as keyboards and pad controllers. 
  • Pre-mapped Controllers - Along with the new MIDI learn feature, MPC 2.2 also includes automatic controller mapping for controllers from Akai, Alesis, M-Audio, Novation, and Native Instruments.
  • Humanize - Randomize the timing or velocity of MIDI events.
  • Generate Random Events - Generate random melodic patterns or drum beats.

For a complete description of new features and stability enhancements, visit our release notes here.


What you'll need...

  1. MPC X or MPC Live with firmware version 2.1 installed.
  2. USB drive with at least 1GB of free space. The drive must be formatted correctly to be recognized by the MPC X or MPC Live. See our guide here for more instructions. 
  3. Computer with internet access to download the MPC 2.2 firmware update and store it on the USB drive.

For instructions on updating the MPC X or Live with a computer, please see the guide below:


Further Technical Support 

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