The MPK mini MKII is an ultra-compact controller designed for the traveling musician and desktop producer.  In this troubleshooting guide, we go over some of the basic problems you may run into when first installing the included software for your Akai controller. If you are having registration, installation or authorization issues choose a topic from the list below to start troubleshooting. You will have MPC Essentials and the other included software running in no time!


Registration or website account login difficulty

1. Launch your web browser and go to

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2. Go to the top right-hand corner of the web site and click on Sign In, you will be prompted to a new page to either Create a New Account or Sign In.

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3. If you are a new customer, click on Create an account or Sign In if you are a previous customer.

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Fill out the necessary information to register as a new user and click Create AccountThe minimum length of the password must be equal or greater than 8 symbols.

4. You have successfully made an account! Click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the website and you will see a drop-down menu. Select My Account.

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5. On the left-hand side of your Account page you should see My Dashboard. Go to the bottom of this section and select My Registered Products.

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6. This is where you register your new Akai controller. Please make sure that you are entering the complete serial number as it appears on the bottom or back of your product. The serial number will be located on a bar code and will begin with a “(21).”Please be sure to include the “(21)” when entering your serial number. Neglecting the "(21)" and failing to capitalize the "A" will result in a rejected serial number. If you are entering the parentheses around the (21) and the product is still not registering, try clearing the cache in your web browser and try again. Select Register Product to complete registration.

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7. You have successfully registered your Akai controller! All of your registered products will show up under Product Registrations. Scroll down in your Registration Page to see all of your available Software Downloads. Image

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Cannot Reset Password or Account is Temporarily Locked

Due to some changes to our website, you may have trouble accessing an existing user account. If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the top right-hand corner of the web site and click on Sign In, you will be prompted to a new page to either Create a New Account or Sign In. Image

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2. Enter your email,  select the Forgot Password option. A temporary password will be sent to your email with instruction If you don’t remember the email address you used to create an account, you can create the new account using different email information, then register your product under that account to access your included software downloads. Akai has a rolling registration. 

The password reset may take some time depending on your email provider. Please make sure to give this up to 24 hours and check your spam folder in case it was filtered out accidentally:

3. Make sure to clear your web browser’s cache. This stores regularly used data which can prevent you from accessing changes to websites and accounts. Use the article below if you need instructions on clearing the cache in your web browser:

Gmail - If the password reset is not showing up in your primary tab, be sure to check your other inboxes, or tabs (for example, Promotions) or even your spam folder. Depending on the “rules” set up within your Gmail, it might be redirected elsewhere in your account.

Hotmail - Hotmail make take additional time to receive the password reset email. Additionally, you should be sure to check in your spam folder to ensure it wasn’t filtered as a spam email.

Make sure to request a password reset only once otherwise the process will restart and will take longer for you to receive the password reset email. If you followed all of the steps above and waited 24 hours for your password reset email with no response, please contact our support team.

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Where do I find my included software?

1. Log into your Akai account. After successfully registering your MPK Mini MKII, click on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen and go to your Account.

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2. On the left-hand side of the screen under My Dashboard, you will see My Registered Products.

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3. Scroll down the Registered Products page and you will see the Software Downloads available for your MPK mini MKII controller.

You will be presented with the serial numbers and download links for MPC Essentials, Hybrid 3, and Wobble.

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For further assistance, please see this article on how to download and install the included software for your MPK Mini MKII:

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MPC Essentials serial code fails to unlock software

1. To unlock the MPC Essentials software, make sure you're entering the serial number for MPC Essentials found within your Akai Professional account. This will be a 15-digit code containing a mixture of capital letters and numbers, preceded with a "(21)". Do not use the serial number on the back of your product.

2. You will want to make sure you're entering this number exactly as it appears in your account. To make the process easier, we recommend to copy/paste the code from your account into the software. Fill in the rest of the information and select Unlock Now.

If you do not fill out every field in this registration page, the software will not unlock. All fields are required.

After this, you will see a box saying you've successfully unlocked your MPC!

Your MPC is unlocked

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the latest version of MPC Essentials!

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Hybrid & Wobble "Fail" or "Time out" when scanning into MPC Essentials

If you've scanned your VST folders and still don't see Wobble or Hybrid in your plugin menu, don't panic. I bet you're running MPC Essentials on a Windows PC, right?

Both the Windows and Mac versions of MPC Essentials feature both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. On a Mac, both versions are launched via the same application and can be switched in the Application Info window (right-click on MPC Essentials in your Applications Folder and choose ? Get Info). On a Windows PC, there are two separate executable files:

  • MPC Essentials (32-bit)
  • MPC Essentials (64-bit)

The key is to make sure MPC Essentials is scanning the correct VST folder(s). On a Mac, they will be installed to the same folder and selected automatically for you in the MPC Software.

1. Open MPC Essentials and navigate to the Preferences menu.

MAC: Select MPC > Preferences
PC: Select EDIT > Preferences

Choose the Plugins tab.

2. Add a check to the first available box on the left, then click on the browse box at the end of that row to browse to your plugin installation location.

3. Select the installation folder for each plugin, this is the default location on Windows for Hybrid & Wobble:

32-bit: C:\Program Files(x86) / Steinberg / vstplugins
64-bit: C:\Program Files / Steinberg / vstplugins

32-bit and 64-bit:C:\Program Files (x86)\SONiVOX\VST

4. Once they are selected click on Rescan All and they should scan into MPC Essentials with no issue!

If you still cannot scan Hybrid or Wobble into MPC Essentials, uninstall the plugins from your computer. You might have installed these into a different location on your hard drive. After uninstalling, restart your computer and make sure the plugins install into their default folders. Follow the link below on how to repair and remove programs in your Windows operating system:

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MPC Essentials crashes when scanning for VST plugins

During the scanning process, incompatible or cracked plugins may cause MPC Essentials to stop functioning. If you experience crashes or instances of freezing while scanning your plugins, check the following.

If using Windows 10, especially on a touch screen laptop, you may want to check the display settings. Display scaling, specifically the enlargement of text, can cause some software to behave strangely. For the best results, set your display scaling to 100% and change it back after you're plugins have completed the scan:

1. Click on the Microsoft icon on your desktop, go to your Windows Settings and select System on the left-hand corner.

2. Click on the Display tab and scroll down until you see Scale and Layout.

3. Make sure that your Scale and Layout is set to 100%.

4. After you have made your changes, restart your computer and then attempt to scan your plugin folders again in MPC Essentials. Once you have successfully scanned your plugins into the software, feel free to go back to your Display Settings and change them back to the previous scaling. Keep in mind, if you need to scan plugins into your software again the scaling will need to be adjusted for that period of time.

For additional assistance on how to access your Display Settings, please follow this link:

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MPK Mini Pads do not line up with the pads on MPC essentials software

After you are finished installing and authorizing the included software for the MPK Mini, you may find that the pads on the keyboard may not line up with the pads on the GUI of MPC Essentials.

For most users, simply hold down the Prog Select button and press Pad 6 to select Preset 2 - MPC Essentials. The Pad will blink signaling that a preset change has been made. This will line up the pads in MPC Essentials accordingly:

  • Pad Bank A - Plays MPC Essentials pads 1-8
  • Pad Bank B - Plays MPC Essentials pads 9-16

If this does not work right away, you may have an older model or have already overwritten the preset. But don't worry! We have a preset file already mapped out for you and ready to be loaded onto your MPK Mini MKII or MPK Mini Play.

If you are not already familiar with the MPK Mini Editor or need help installing the program, you may want to check out this article before attempting to load the MPC Essentials preset into the MPK Mini MKII:

If you already have the MPK Mini MKII editor installed, follow these steps to send the MPC Essentials preset file into your controller, if you have an MPK Mini Play you can find the editor download here:

1. Download The MPK mini mkII MPC Mapping file from this link. Please make sure to unzip the folder to your desktop once the file has completed downloading. If you have an MPK mini Play, download the MPC Essentials preset file from here.

2. Close all other audio/MIDI software (including MPC Essentials), connect your MPK mini MkII to your computer, and open the editor software.

3. Select File > Open and navigate to the unzipped folder from Step 1. Select the file named mpc.mk2 and click Open. The preset settings will then be loaded into the editor.

4. On the left side of the editor, click on Send under Program 1. This will send the preset information to the first preset/program on the MPK.

5. On your MPK Mini MKII, hold down the PROG SELECT button and press Pad 5 (Prog 1) to select preset 1 on your MPK. The pad should flash to acknowledge the preset selection.

There are a few things to keep in mind here:

  • Make sure to close the editor when you're finished. The editor cannot be open while using MPC or any other DAW to ensure that the DAW is able to access the MPK.
  • Use the BANK A/B button on the MPK to access all 16 pads in the MPC software. 
    • When lit Green, bank A is selected. The pads will trigger pads A1 - A8 in the MPC software.
    • When lit Red, bank B is selected. The pads will trigger pads A9 - A16 in the MPC software.  

You have successfully setup your controller to work with MPC Essentials!

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Getting "Code Redemption Reached" error when entering license code into Ilok activation screen

If you are getting a "Code Redemption limit has been reached" error when trying to activate your VST plugins there are few things that might have happened during your installation. These are the most common Ilok authorization problems:

The code was entered into the authorization field but it "Timed Out" or "Failed"

This often happens when the code has been entered into your Ilok account or one of the authorization prompts and is left hanging without clicking "Next." Or, you have already redeemed it and it's in your Ilok account waiting to be activated, check your Ilok license manager account to make sure it's not already in there. Please follow these steps:

1. Click on your Ilok License Manager icon. If you do not have this app already installed on your computer, you can get it from this link.

2. Find the plugin license in the list, right-click and select Activate.

If the license for your plugin is not in there and when you enter your code you still get the "Code Redemption has been reached" error, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Ilok ID
  • Software Title
  • License Code

This will give us all of the information we need to get you up and running!

You are trying to use the license code on the Second computer you are trying to activate

In order to use your license on a second computer, you must log into your Ilok account to activate your licenses on the new computer. You do not need to redeem your activation code again, this code is only meant to be used once to put 2 activations into your Ilok account. You can only have 2 computers activated at the same time. If you would like to activate more than 2 computers you would have to purchase an additional license for the plugin you are trying to use.

Follow the steps below to authorize your software on your computer.

1. Open the iLok License Manager and Sign in

2. Click your username on the upper left-hand corner

3. Find the software license

4. Right-click (control+click for Mac) select activate

If you do not see the license in your Ilok account but the software is authorized on the first computer, the license is not attached to your Ilok ID which means you cannot manage the license between computers (you cannot activate your second computer or deactivate the licenses from the first computer.) In order to Take ownership of your licenses follow these steps:

1 . Go to the first computer and sign into your Ilok account

2. Click on your computer under the local tab underneath your Ilok ID

3. You should see all licenses currently located on your computer and the ones that are not attached to your Ilok ID. Right-click (control+click for Mac) select Take Ownership

You will see the activation populate in your licenses when you click on your Ilok ID again, now you can feel free to deactivate the first computer or log into the second computer to activate your license!

Your activation's are lost due to a crashed computer or computer hardware change

From time to time our computers can suffer physical damage, need to get their hard drives wiped, or need to have the OS reinstalled due to malware or viruses. In the event that this happens and you do not have access to the computer again, or there is a second instance of your computer taking up a license, you may need to reset a location to free up one of your activation's for a new computer.

If your computer has crashed or there is a second instance of your computer in your Ilok account and it's taking up a license, please contact us with this information so we can reset your inaccessible location:

Ilok ID:

Software Title:

Location Name:

This will give us all of the information we need to get you up and running!

For additional information on how to manage your licenses, visit the links below:

Want to learn more about how the iLok License Manager works? Simply follow this link to find out!  

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Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.

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