The Akai Professional AFX allows DJs to unlock the creative potential of Serato DJ, enhancing control and workflow. In this article, we answer some of your frequently asked questions about he AFX.


What is the Akai AFX?

The Akai AFX is a 4 Deck complimentary control surface for Serato DJ. The AFX will give you contol over effects, Cues, Loops, Slicer, Samples, Flip Mode, as well as deck transport controls. The AFX is a great addition to but not limited to the NS7, NS6, V7, or DVS setup. 


What software can I use the Akai AFX with?

The Akai AFX is a generic USB MIDI control surface, and can be used with any DJ or audio production software that supports MIDI mapping.

The AFX was specifically designed for a deep-level FX control integration with Serato DJ (not included), making it the perfect expansion companion to the Akai AMX (includes Sertato DJ), or any other Serato DJ compatible master controller.


What is included with my Akai AFX purchase?

The Akai AFX includes a USB cable, and the following complimentary software:

  • Serato Flip plugin (limited-time offer) - a card is included in the box, printed with a license code and steps to download and activate a complimentary installation of the Serato Flip plugin for Serato DJ (Serato DJ is not included).
  • Serato Back Pack FX Expansion Pack - log in to your user account and Register your AFX. Once registered, a License Code and activation instructions for the expansion pack appear on your My Account page at

What should I do if I have difficulty obtaining the included software?

If you have any difficulty registering, or obtaining the included software for your product, please visit and submit a 'Product Registration Assistance' support ticket.  The Akai Support team can assist!


How many Akai AFX controllers can I use at one time?

Although a single Akai AFX control surface will control 4 decks you can use up to 4 Akai AFX control surfaces per instance of Serato DJ.


Can I run Serato DJ with just the Akai AFX control surface?

No. The Akai AFX control surface requires a Serato DJ approved Mixer, Interface, or Controller to unlock multiple deck functionality. Click here to see a full list of approved Serato DJ hardware.


Are the drum pads on the Akai AFX velocity sensitive?

Yes. The drum pads on the Akai AFX are velocity sensitive pads, that are based on Akai MPC technology.


What version of Serato DJ is required for use with the Akai AFX?

The Akai AFX requires Serato DJ version 1.7, and higher.


Does the Akai AMX or AFX controller only support Serato? 

The Akai AMX and AFX controllers were originally manufactured from the ground up to support Serato DJ software.  However, since the hardware controls appear in your computer as generic MIDI device, they can be custom-mapped to any other DJ application that supports user-created custom mapping.


When will the Akai AFX be available for purchase?

The Akai AFX will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2014.


Where can I learn more about the Akai Professional AFX?

To learn more about the Akai AFX control surface for Serato DJ check out: