The Akai Professional AMX packs tremendous flexibility and mixing control into a compact, convenient footprint. In this article, we answer some of your frequently asked questions about he AMX.


What is the Akai Professional AMX?

The Akai AMX is a control surface and 24-bit audio interface for Serato DJ. The AMX will allow you to mix, play, and cue your music within Serato DJ. The Akai AMX is also a DVS interface that will allow you to mix add Vinyl or CD turntables to your setup using Serato time code. 


Is the full version of Serato DJ included with the Akai Professional AMX?

Yes.  The full version of Serato DJ is included in the Akai Professional AMX purchase price.


Does this mean that DJs now have a Serato DVS solution for under $349?

Yes. With the Akai Professional AMX being introduced at $249, and the Serato DVS expansion pack priced at $99, DJs can get into using Serato DVS with their existing CD platers and turntables.  


Does the Akai AMX unlock Serato DJ software?

Yes. The Akai AMX unlocks the included full version of Serato DJ, and can be used on its own without any additional hardware. Adding the Akai AFX will give you full control over nearly every Serato DJ feature. 

*Serato DJ v1.7.1 and above is required. 


What crossfader is included in the Akai AMX, and is it user replaceable?

The Akai AMX includes Innofader Mini, and is totally user replaceable. 


What can the RCA inputs on the back of the Akai AMX be used for?

The Akai AMX is a fully intergrated DVS system. You can plug in your phono turntables, or line level CD players to send Serato DJ time code. The DVS plugin can be purchased separately from Serato. 

These inputs can also be used to pass audio from any line level audio input by selecting THRU in the DVS drop down menu within Serato DJ. 


Does the Akai AMX or AFX controller only support Serato? 

The Akai AMX and AFX controllers were originally manufactured from the ground up to support Serato DJ software.  However, since the hardware controls appear in your computer as generic MIDI device, they can be custom-mapped to any other DJ application that supports user-created custom mapping.


Where can I learn more about the Akai Professional AMX?

You can learn more about the Akai Professional AMX at:


When will the Akai AMX be available for purchase?

The Akai AMX will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2014.


My Akai AMX is not recognized in Serato DJ. Why is this?

Firstly make sure you're running Serato DJ 1.7.1 as the Akai AMX requires this version. The AMX will not work in versions of Serato DJ prior to 1.7.1. The expected release for version 1.7.1 is early October 2014.

Second, if you are on a Windows computer make sure that you have installed the AMX drivers which are available in the Download section of the product page


When I connect my vinyl turntables to my phono/line inputs, I keep getting a low signal sound regardless how much I adjust my gain. What should I do?

It is recommend that users connect the AMX to the USB port closest to their power supply. This USB port will draw the most power to their AMX controller.  Since the AMX controller doesn't have a power supply, it only draws power from the USB port.