This is a firmware update.

Downloading the Update
To download the 3.0.1 Firmware Update, navigate to the Force product page and click on Downloads to find the link:

For instructions on installing the update, please visit our knowledge base article here.

New Features

Launch / Note mode - Hold down both the Launch and Note mode buttons to combine Launch and Note modes into a single pad layout. Now the top four rows launch clips and the bottom four rows play notes.

You can now achieve side chain ducking effects in the Force using the new Mother Ducker and Mother Ducker Input effects plugins. To achieve a ducking effect on a synthesizer part using a kick drum as a trigger input : On a drum track go to the Pad Mixer mode and on the kick drum mixer strip add the Mother Ducker Input plugin. Next go to the Track Mixer mode and add the Mother Ducker to one of your Plugin instrument channel strips. The Mother Ducker Input sends the kick drum from the Mother Ducker Input plugin down one of the internal buses to the Mother Ducker plugin. Within the Mother Ducker plugin you can meter the input level from the kick drum and tweak the amount of ducking using the Threshold and Ratio parameters. The Attack and Release parameters allow you to sculpt the envelope of the gain reduction to achieve exactly the pumping effect you are after. The Mother Ducker has eight internal buses so that you can setup multiple channel strips with ducking effects from different sources.

The Force now has new recording preferences. Hold Shift and press Rec to bring up the Record Config dialogue.

  • You now have the option to use Fixed Length recording. When Fixed Length Recording is On the Force will exit recording at the number of bars set in the Fixed Length (Bars) field. This can also be set from the control surface Length shift button shortcut.
  • The Record Launch preference allows you to set the rules for beginning recording into a clip. You can configure whether pressing a Pad, Rec Button or Pad, or Rec Button then Pad triggers recording into a clip.
  • The Record To preference allows you to set whether a clip goes from recording into overdub or playback.

Pad Mute / Solo - You can now mute or solo pads in a Drum Track using the h/w control surface. On a Drum track, go to Notes pad mode, hold the Mute or Solo buttons to mute or solo a pad.

You can now load FLAC and OGG files.

The AIR dynamics plugins Compressor, Channel Strip, Maximizer, Transient and Noise Gate now have metering so that you can clearly see the input/output levels and the amount of gain reduction applied.

An Empty Project now contains an instance of AIR Reverb on FX Return 1 and AIR Delay on FX Return 2 so you can easily add time based effects in a new project.

Stability and reliability

Audio Tracks

  • Loading a sample straight to an Audio Track from the Browser now receives correct BPM value
  • The currently playing audio clip is no longer affected when adjusting the Semi, Fine, Reverse and Mute settings of a region in a different clip

Clip Matrix

  • Melodic and drum track clips now display overdub status correctly when switching between them during recording
  • Rec Arm now follows Track selection across all Track types
  • Stopping a clip recording with Rec and then enabling Rec again will now relaunch the clip in Overdub
  • Audio is now heard when changing track selection during recording with all Global Quantize settings
  • Clips are now audible on their first loop if they were triggered whilst they were exiting recording


  • AIR Non-Linear Reverb now lists ‘Gate’ as 'Gated' when Reverse is enabled

File Browser

  • Format no longer fails when a target HFS+ or NTFS drive name exceeds 15 characters


  • Removing media devices one after another will no longer cause a crash


  • Crossfader parameters are now capitalised in Knobs Edit

Plugin Hosting - Instruments

  • Amp Decay can now be adjusted live in Bassline, Electric and Hype
  • Sustain messages should now hold notes as expected for all included instruments
  • Tubesynth no longer crashes when parameters are set to certain values


  • Info page now displays a valid serial number
  • Unit will no longer crash on New Project after Wi-Fi disconnection

Sample Edit

  • Unit will no longer crash when detecting tempo and changing track
  • Auto Sampler output files will now adhere the Bit Depth set in Preferences

Step Sequencer

  • Selected drum track pads now light with the correct color

Track Edit

  • Notes are no longer missed when sample Offset is set to -1


  • Warped and crossfaded samples no longer click