This is a firmware update.


This release is for Force hardware.

Downloading the Update

To download the 3.0.2 Firmware Update, navigate to the Force product page and click on Downloads to find the link:

For instructions on installing the update, please visit our knowledge base article here.

New Features

Splice Integration 

Splice fuels the creativity of producers around the world with millions of high-quality, royalty-free samples, presets and loops, covering nearly every musical style. You can now download and browse your Splice sample library on your Force standalone. Before you begin, make sure your Force is connected to your network and you have access to a web browser. On the Force press Shift+Menu to go to Preferences, navigate to the Splice tab, and tap Get Login Code. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Force to your Splice account. Once paired, use the Sync Files button to download the samples from your Splice account across Wi-Fi / ethernet to a drive of your choice.  To browse your Splice samples, press the Load button to go to Browser mode, then navigate to the Content tab and press the Splice shortcut to view the samples downloaded from your Splice account. The right hand browser panel will display your Splice samples organized into a series of top level folders that allow you to easily browse your sample library by BPM, instrument, key, pack or tag. 

Browser Audition Warp and Sync

In the Browser you can now audition samples/loops that have a Force-embedded tempo in sync with your project tempo. Press Load to go to the Browser and then press the F-Key with a speaker icon to bring up the Audition settings. When the Warp button is On, samples with embedded tempos will be auditioned at the project tempo. When the Sync button is On and Force is in playback, the samples/loops will be previewed on the next bar.

Stability and reliability


  • Track mode OLEDs are no longer blank on first instantiation of default plug-in track

Sample Edit

  • Control Surface/TUI no longer lock up when processing a deleted sample


  • AIR Channel Strip now instantiates with correct value for Compressor Threshold

MIDI Tracks

  • MIDI Program Change Off setting added
  • MIDI Tracks' Program Change value is now saved with projects


  • Launching two clips simultaneously will no longer cause one of the clips to get stuck in the 'waiting to play' state