This is a firmware update.


This release is for Force hardware.

Downloading the Update

To download the 3.0.4 Firmware Update, navigate to the Force

product page and click on Downloads to find the link:


For instructions on installing the update, please visit our knowledge

base article here.

New Features

Live Control seamless integration

You can now control Ableton Live using your Force. The Force comes pre-mapped to Ableton Live 10.1.2 or later for an instant performance and production setup. For cable-less operation your Force can control Ableton over a Wi-Fi network. For a more tightly controlled setup connect an ethernet cable between your Force and computer.  Force provides an unparalleled level of Ableton integration within a standalone device. The Force’s Live Control mode has been carefully designed to allow you to instantly switch between standalone operation and Live Control mode without ever stopping playback. 

Live Control getting started

To enter Live Control mode press MENU and choose LIVE CONTROL 

  • The touch user interface (TUI) is divided into three tabs of operation :
    • Matrix - Touch the Matrix icon or press the MATRIX Button to enter the Matrix tab 
    • Mixer - Touch the Mixer icon or press the MIXER Button to enter the Mixer tab
    • Device - Touch the Device icon or press the CLIP Button to enter the Device tab

▪ To exit Live Control mode press MENU and choose a Force mode

TUI Matrix tab

The Matrix tab displays an 8x8 section of Live’s Session View marked in the Live GUI by the colored session ring. 

  • Use the Force’s direction arrow buttons to move the session ring one step at a time or use SHIFT and the direction arrows to move by eight. On the Matrix TUI touch a clip or a scene to launch it. 
  • The Matrix tab provides a comprehensive amount of visual feedback of the current Live Session : 
    • Clips and scenes display the colour and name assigned in the Live GUI
    • When a clip is playing it is colored white and the playback phase is drawn with a white progress bar. 
    • When a clip is in its prepare to play phase it will flash white until it reaches the launch quantization boundary.
    • When a clip is preparing to record or preparing to exit recording it will flash red until it reaches the launch quantization boundary.
    • When a clip is recording it is colored red.
  • Use the QUANTIZE f-key to quantize the currently selected clip. To set the grid value for the quantization engine, tap the Settings icon in the top right of the TUI,  then from the Settings popup set the Quantize To field to the desired value. 
  • Delete the currently selected clip by pressing the DELETE f-key.
  • Insert a new scene after the currently selected clip by pushing the INSERT SCENE f-key.
  • The REC f-key controls Live’s Arrangement Record Button. Press the REC f-key On to capture your Session performance into the Arrangement view.

TUI Mixer tab

The Mixer tab provides easy access to Live’s key mixing functions. 

  • The Mixer is divided into three different views which can be accessed using the LEVELS, MAIN and SENDS f-keys. 
  • Double tap any Slider or Knob in the mixer to bring up a full screen editor for more precise adjustment.

Force Knobs 

The Force’s knobs give you hands on control of Live’s key parameters, the OLED screens above each knob provide clear visual feedback of the parameter name and value that’s being controlled. Knobs 1-8 are for controlling track volume, whereas Knobs 9-16 control the device on the current track at the blue hand position. The blue hand can be found in Live’s Detail View and can be controlled from the Force in the Device Control tab. To change between Knobs 1-8 and 9-16 simply press the KNOBS button. 

TUI Device Control tab

The Device tab controls the device on the current track at the blue hand position (the blue hand can be found in Live’s Detail View).

  • The Device Information Bar gives you clear visual feedback about the device you are controlling :
    • For internal Ableton Instruments you see the name of the current device and bank name. 
    • For third party plugins you will see the name of the current device and the number of the current bank. 
  • Use the Device -/+ and Bank -/+ f-keys to change the position of the blue hand. 
  • Turn a device on or off using the DEVICE ON F-Key. 
  • Use the Device Lock icon in the Device title bar to lock a device so that your assignment will persist when changing tracks.

Control Bar

At the top of the TUI is the Control Bar. You can customise what is displayed in this area by going to the top right of the TUI and tapping the Settings icon to bring up the Settings popup. From the Settings popup go to the Control Bar field and choose from three preset configurations Session, Arrangement or Performance. 

  • The Session preset contains controls for BPM, Phase Nudge Down, Phase Nudge Up, Metronome, Follow, Arrangement Position, MIDI Arrangement Overdub, and Automation Arm. 
  • The Arrangement preset contains controls for BPM, Arrangement Position, Loop Start, Loop On/Off,  and Loop End.
  • The Performance preset contains control for BPM, Phase Nudge Down, and Phase Nudge Up.  

Hardware Control 

The Force hardware control surface comes pre-mapped

Force button Function
Track select 1-8 Change track using button 1-8. The current selected track is illumination white.
LAUNCH button group Pressing a Launch button will launch the corresponding  scene. 
MASTER Pressing Master once selects the Master track and illuminates the Master button, pressing the button again returns you to the previously selected track.
STOP ALL The Stop All Clips button stops all clips that are playing or recording.
KNOBS Alternates between Knobs 1-8 and Knobs 9-16. Knobs 1-8 control Track Level, Knobs 9-16 are mapped to control the eight knobs of a Device according to the position of the Blue Hand.
LAUNCH The pads of the Force are fixed to Clip Launching.
SELECT Selects a clip without launching it. Hold Select and tap a pad, the currently selected Clip will be illuminated white. (Note : Clip selection follows the Select On Launch preference set in the Ableton Live software.)
COPY Duplicates the selected clip to the next available slot
DELETE Deletes the current selected clip
MUTE Mute changes assignable buttons 1-8 to display the ON/OFF state for the current eight tracks
SOLO Solo changes assignable buttons 1-8 to display Solo/Cue for the current eight tracks
REC ARM Rec changes assignable buttons 1-8 to display Rec Arm for the current eight tracks
CLIP STOP Clip Stop changes assignable buttons 1-8 to display Clip Stop for the current eight tracks
Track Assign (button group) Displays the parameter set in the button group copies Force implementation.
PLAY Play Button
STOP Transport Stop
Session Record Button
MATRIX Ableton Matrix tab
CLIP Ableton Device tab
MIXER Ableton Mixer tab
SHIFT Hold SHIFT to access a button’s secondary function 
Direction Arrows Moves the 8x8 Session ring one row or column. The clip slots currently being controlled by Force’s pad grid are shown in Live with a colored border.
Crossfader Controls Ableton's Crossfader. Use this to blend between cue mixes A and B.
ASSIGN A and ASSIGN B button group Push and hold Assign A or Assign B then use the bottom 8 buttons underneath the 8x8 pads to assign tracks to cue mix A or B

Shift Force Buttons

Shift + Force button name Function
QUANTIZE  Quantizes the currently selected clip to the grid value set on Force. To set the grid value for the quantization engine, tap the Settings icon in the top right of the TUI,  then from the Settings popup set the Quantize To field to the desired value. 
Track Select 1-8 Sets the global launch quantise to the value underneath the button. When holding down SHIFT the current value is shown in White .
Play Continue Playback.
Stop Stop and Return Song position to 1:1:0. 
Undo Redo
Direction Arrows (button group) Move the session ring 8 x 8 rectangle by 8.

Stability and reliability

  • Audio Tracks
  • Phasing will no longer occur when copying a clip during playback
  • Automation
  • Trimming an audio clip with automation data will no longer cause a crash
  • A track’s automation state is now kept when pressing REC and when a track is set to Write Automation (or null) and ‘Write Automation when recording' is switched off
  • When a loop is set to a portion of a clip, automation writing now works correctly
  • Keygroup automation is now displayed with the correct prefix
  • Automation Parameter field on the TUI Grid View now correctly displays current parameter
  • Clip Edit
  • Notes played during the count-in of a clip recording will now be added to the first beat of the clip
  • It is no longer possible to change clip selection whilst adding a sample
  • Nudging events that are outside the loop region into the loop region will now update correctly for each step
  • MIDI events no longer appear in the wrong note lanes when switching to a Drum Track
  • Text is no longer cut off when loading a sample within Audio Edit mode
  • It is now possible to zoom to playhead whenever the playhead is visible
  • Nudging notes inside a loop while Don't Snap is On now moves them correctly inside the loop region
  • Generate Random Events no longer ignores Bars setting
  • Clip Matrix
  • Recorded audio clip no longer continues to play when another clip on the same track is launched
  • The first note of the next recorded MIDI clip now records correctly
  • Knobs
  • A Program’s knob assignment are now saved with it
  • Knob OLEDs now update correctly for CV tracks
  • Pad Mixer
  • Insert effects are now copied with pads


  • If Loop is disabled during playback, audio regions will now play to the correct length
  • Plugin Hosting - Effects
  • Default patch now loads correctly default for AIR Compressor
  • Preferences
  • Turning Wi-Fi off during connection no longer causes issues when trying to reconnect

Sample Edit

  • Changing current Slice very quickly via a Knob no longer jams the value
  • Assign Sample’s Track field no longer appears empty when assigning a sample to a pad

Saving and Loading

  • User templates now load correctly

Timing Correct

  • Swing on Knob release setting now works correctly

Tracks - Keygroup

  • Copying MIDI events for Keygroup tracks now pastes to the selected note

Tracks - MIDI

  • Track Transpose no longer causes MIDI dropouts 

Tracks - Plugin

  • User interfaces for Plugin tracks now load correctly


  • A crash no longer occurs when using Undo/Redo after copying a track and editing MIDI events during recording
  • Warping
  • Fast tempo changes are now registered correctly by the warp algorithm when receiving MIDI Clock