This software is for 64-bit operation only.

This release can be controlled by MPC X, MPC Live, and MPC Touch. Support for MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio (black and standard models), and MPC Element will be in the official MPC 2.0 public release.

New Features

  • MPC now supports macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • The Pads section in the bottom panel now contains Pad Controls for easy access to Note Repeat, Half Level, 16 Level and Erase.
  • The Keyboard Shortcuts popup now has a search field.
  • There are now keyboard shortcuts to return the zoom setting of an editor to its default value. Go to Help>Keyboard Shortcuts>Navigate section for more information. 

Stability and reliability

Ableton Link

  • MPC will no longer stall at startup when an Ableton Link peer is removed.
  • Tempo adjustment when in an Ableton Link session has been improved.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • MIDI/Audio Mode toggle and vertical zoom commands for grids are now present in the View menu.
  • MIDI Keyboard and Enable/Disable Sequence Loop key command behaviours have been refined.
  • On macOS, engaging Note Repeat with its key command no longer triggers a system error sound effect.

Channel Mixer

  • Channel Mixer window’s vertical scroll bar now works.


  • The Keygroup program parameter “KG Semi” now has the correct label.
  • Convert or Assign Slices popup no longer erroneously prints "Tempo" label.
  • The presentation of the Copy Events and Copy Bars popups has been improved.
  • Sample Edit’s Process Sample functions now have group labels.
  • Pad labelling has been reformatted across all Modes.
  • “Receive MIDI” label in Preferences has been amended.
  • Song Mode’s BPM column text has been realigned.
  • Next Sequence Mode’s tempo column has been realigned.