MPC now supports macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
This software is for 64-bit operation only.


The MPC 2.0 release can be controlled by MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Touch, MPC Studio Black, MPC Studio, MPC Renaissance and MPC Element.
Integration for pads, pad colours and bank switching for MPK225, MPK249 and MPK261 has now been added.
Integration for pads for MPD218, MPD226 and MPD232 has now been added.


Advanced Editor

  • Tracks now always appear in slide in menus when copied.

As Plugin

  • Bounce to Sample now renders at the correct BPM when used in the plug-in version of MPC.

Audio Edit

  • Audio regions will now be selected when dragged on the grid.
  • Fixed an issue where copying bars across sequences would create overlapping audio regions.
  • The Marquee Tool 'split' function is now more accurate. 
  • Fixed an inconsistency with audio region multiple selection after changing modes. 

Audio Mixdown

  • It is no longer possible to enable playback during an export.

Audio Tracks

  • It is no longer possible to record arm an audio track during recording when using LCD hardware.


  • Program automation is now always duplicated when doubling the Sequence length.
  • Semi and Fine Clip Automation is no longer labelled as "Layer 1 Semi Tune" and "Layer 1 Fine Tune".
  • Simultaneous Play and Mute Target automation is now recorded correctly. 


  • Fixed an issue where the first selection in the Browser wouldn't auto audition.
  • Hybrid presets now show correctly in the Expansion Browser.

Channel Mixer

  • Fixed an issue where insert effects couldn't be copied across tracks in the Channel Mixer.
  • Fixed an issue where insert effect names would not appear in the Channel Mixer LCD. 
  • The LCD Channel Mixer now updates when you mute Audio Tracks.

Clip Program Edit

  • Fixed an issue when adjusting clip start and end marker Q-Links in Clip Program Edit.


  • Fixed a crash after selecting a non-existent audio track in the Erase pop-up.


  • Bounced and exported files are now the correct length.
  • Fixed a hang when Bouncing a Program to an Audio Track.
  • Fixed a crash when quitting MPC during an export.
  • It is no longer possible to hide the progress pop-up during an export. 


  • Auto Scroll is now not disabled when switching modes.
  • The start and end parameters in Program Edit Wave View are now functional. 

Grid View

  • Grid View zoom slider scaling is now correct after using the Reset Zoom key command.


  • The MPC X's Pad Mixer and Channel Mixer button LEDs no longer incorrectly illuminate when adjusting the Vintage Mode setting.

Main Mode

  • Program level values now display double figures on LCD screens. 
  • The right edge of the Grid View is no longer cut off screen when the horizontal scroll bar is at the far right.


  • Scroll bars in the Channel Mixer and Pad Mixer now disappear when they are not needed.


  • The New Project Dialog preference has been removed from MPC 2.0.

Program Edit Drum

  • The Q-Link OLED for Program Polyphony now always displays the correct value.
  • Zooming via a Q-Link now works correctly after copying a pad in Program Edit.

Program Edit Plugin/Midi

  • Hybrid's Parameters now display correctly in Program Edit.

Programs - Drum

  • Fixed a graphical issue when attempting unsupported pad assignments.


  • Metronome Enable and Audio Monitor Q-Links are now more responsive. 
  • Programs from MPC 1.9 with Q-Link assignments set to Note On and OFF will now load correctly.

Sample Edit

  • Playback in Sample Edit no longer gets interrupted if sample start or end is adjusted whilst Slice Preview is enabled. 
  • Sample Edit zoom and scroll Q-Link values now display the correct percentage.
  • Sample Edit's "Detect Tempo" feature is now more accurate. 
  • Sample Edit's zoom and scroll OLEDs will now update more smoothly when adjusted.

Saving and Loading

  • In the plug-in version of MPC, the progress pop-up no longer displays "Loading" when saving or exporting.
  • Fixed a crash after replacing a program and undoing.
  • MPC project files now display the MPC logo in Windows Explorer.

Step Sequence

  • The 'Pad' field in the Step Sequencer now displays both the pad number and sample name on the LCD user-interface.
  • The Pad Select F-key for LCD hardware in the Step Sequencer now works.

Track View

  • Alignment of the audio and MIDI event selection boxes in Track View has been improved.
  • It is now possible to assign an available program of any type using the MIDI track headers in Track View.
  • The styling of a selected track in the Channel Mixer now matches Track View. 


  • Fixed an Ableton Link sync issue.