In this article, we’ve put together some suggestions on troubleshooting unexpected transposition and detuning with the EWI5000 or EWI4000S.


Momentary Detuning

Both EWI4000S and EWI5000 customers occasionally contact us about unexpected detuning. The causes fall into one of the following categories:

  • A misplacement or slip of the thumb on the pitch bend plates on the rear of the unit (above and below the grounding plate). If a player’s thumbs aren’t in just the right place on the rear of the unit it is easy to momentarily detune the EWI.

    Position your lower thumb precisely on the grounding plate to avoid accidentally touching the pitch bend plates


  • Inconsistent pressure on the bite sensor. You can produce a vibrato effect by gently biting the mouthpiece while blowing into it. If you’d like to reduce this effect, you can turn the BITE knob counter-clockwise (this will not completely disable the effect so be mindful of your bite force). Note, these knobs are analog potentiometers and have some variation. Note that the indicator lines on the knobs won't necessarilly match up from one unit to another (i.e. 3 o'clock) on your unit may not be the same on my unit), so be sure to set each of your EWIs up individually by listening for the result you like best.


Persistent Detuning/Transposition


You can tune your EWI by adjusting the SEMI and FINE knobs on the rear of the unit. Once set, these should not need to be adjusted regularly. If the knobs are bumped, re-adjust as necessary.


It’s very easy to transpose the EWI4000 or EWI5000. Transposing can be toggled on and off by pressing the TRANSPOSE button. This also means that transposition can be accidentally switched on and off. Play with your upper thumb in the roller section instead of hooked under the battery cover.

Custom Patches

If you’re experiencing a persistent detuning or transposition that is not addressed by the above suggestions, it could be due to custom patches created using the editor software. If you are using custom patches, consider reviewing them in the software and correcting as needed.

Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset will reset any transposition settings, uour user patches, and any changes you've made to patches using the software editor. A factory reset won't affect settings you've made (or need to make) to the analog adjustment knobs on the hardware itself.

You can perform a factory reset by performing the following.

  1. Disconnect any USB or MIDI cables from the EWI from your computer.
  2. Power off the EWI.
    EWI5000: press and hold the power button for a full second and then release it.
    EWI4000S: set the power switch to the OFF position
  3. Press and hold the SETUP, TRANS, FX, and LEVEL button simultaneously.
  4. Power on the EWI while continuing to hold down all four buttons.
    EWI5000: press and hold the power button for a full second.
    EWI4000S: set the power switch to the BATT position (if you're using batteries), or the DC position (if you're using a power adapter).
  5. Release all buttons.


Further product support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the Akai Pro technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.