New Features

VIP is now iLok-protected, go to your user account to obtain your iLok authorization code.

VIP Native Plugin Map Standard - The VIP plugin map format allows third-party virtual instrument and effect developers to produce their own plugin maps quickly and efficiently.  Developers can specify the control interaction and preset tagging for their instruments/effects to ensure the best possible user experience. 

MIDI Learn - Learn your MIDI controllers’ hardware controls (knobs, encoders, faders, buttons) to VIP parameters. From the VIP GUI click the MIDI learn icon (top right-hand corner of the GUI) to enter MIDI Learn mode. From the left-hand side of the GUI go to the MIDI Mapping Inspector and then use the plus button to create a new MIDI Mapping. All the controls in the GUI that are MIDI-learnable are displayed with a red overlay. Simply click on a control and then move the hardware control you want to learn through its full range. The type of control detected can be edited via the Mode drop-down menu at the bottom of the Inspector.

  • Includes a preset library of MIDI controller mappings for Akai and M-Audio keyboards.
    • Akai APC Key 25
    • Akai MPK mini mkII
    • Akai MPK225
    • Akai MPK249
    • Akai MPK261
    • Akai MPK88
    • M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32
    • M-Audio Code 25
    • M-Audio Code 49
    • M-Audio Code 61
    • M-Audio Oxygen 25
    • M-Audio Oxygen 49
    • M-Audio Oxygen 61
  • Save, recall, export and import user MIDI maps.
  • Support for hardware preset browsing via the virtual preset encoder and next/previous preset buttons.

Pad Chord Progressions - Play chord progressions from your expanded VIP keyboard’s pads (Akai Advance, Alesis VX49 and M-Audio CTRL49 only). Go to the Keyboard panel and from the right-hand Inspector choose a preset from the Pad Layout drop-down menu to load a progression. 

  • VIP now ships with a comprehensive factory library of ready-made progressions that are organized by musical genre.
  • Use the Pad Layout section’s New Key field to transpose the chord progression to a key of your choice.
  • For expanded VIP keyboards the pads transmit the assigned MIDI notes’ velocity and timing information to your host so your pad performances can be captured as MIDI events and edited in your DAW.
  •  The Articulation section of the Inspector allows you to humanize your chord progressions in interesting ways.
    • Flam Time - Sets the time to play the notes in the current chord according to the Play Order parameter. 
    • Flam Randomization - Randomizes the timing of the notes in a chord within the Flam Time.
    • Velocity Randomization - Randomizes the velocity of the notes within a chord.
    • Velocity Scaling - Increases or decreases the velocity of the notes within a chord.
    • Play Order - The order notes in a chord are played in. This becomes apparent with a Flam Time greater than zero.
  • Use the Pad Note section in the Inspector to edit the notes in a chord or their velocity. 
  • Create your own progressions using the Learn button in the Keyboard Panel. You can save a progression from the Pad Layout > Save as… command located in the Pad Layout drop-down menu.

Key Control - You can now use the Key Control section to play scales, harmonized chords, or chord progressions from your expanded VIP keyboard or MIDI keyboard. The Key Control section takes the incoming MIDI note data and then processes it using one of three MIDI processors. 

  • Scales - snap your incoming MIDI note data to the scale of your choice.
  • Harmonize - harmonize your incoming MIDI note data into chords. Choose from a number of factory presets for fast results.
  • Chord Progressions - choose a progression from the comprehensive factory library and then trigger the individual chords from that progression using your keyboard or MIDI input.

Browser Snapshots - A snapshot is a container type that stores the selected items in the Browser and the state of the Search field above the Patch Browser allowing recall of complex Browser/Search queries at the push of one button. To create a snapshot, select a number of items from the different columns of the Browser, go to Snapshots view in the right-hand Inspector and press the Capture button. VIP saves a snapshot into the first available slot.  The snapshot slots are part of the MIDI learn scheme and can be assigned and recalled by a MIDI controller.

Preset Rating - Presets can now be rated by up to 5 stars. You can sort your Patch Browser list by rating using the “Sort by favorites, then by name”, or “Sort by favorites, then by date” options.

User Feedback - Use the Feedback menu in the VIP menu bar to suggest a feature, report a bug or give feedback.


  • VIP now has a panic button in the GUI. Use the exclamation mark icon in the top right-hand corner of the GUI to send an All Notes Off message to alleviate any stuck notes.
  • Key commands enhancements - navigate your preset list using the arrow keys on your computer keyboard.
  • VIP now imports MPC chord progression files. Drag and drop your MPC progressions onto the VIP GUI or use the Import option in the Pad Layout drop-down menu to add them to the progressions pool.
  • Caching and Smooth preset transitions can now be toggled for individual plugins from the Global Plugin Settings in the bottom right-hand corner of VIP. To reduce the memory usage when using a given plugin, uncheck the Enable cache box. To disable smooth transitions while changing from one preset to another for a given instrument, uncheck the Smooth preset transitions option.
  • Insert slots now display the name of the insert effect.
  • Many bug fixes and stability enhancements.

For more information, please see the manual in the VIP Help menu.