New Features

The VIP mixer solo behaviour can now be configured to Exclusive solo. Go to Settings > Preferences and enable the Exclusive solo option.

You can now pass plugin automation parameter names from VIP to your DAW host. Go to Settings > Preferences and enable the Automation parameters display parameter names option.


  • Assigning a parameter to a macro control will no longer reset the control name to its default.
  • Akai Advance series keyboards' LEDs and displays now match when editing macro controls.
  • Arturia Piano V2's GUI no longer freezes VIP.
  • Soloed channels no longer get jammed on Mute when using hardware to mute them.
  • Audio is no longer muted when opening a Multi containing a soloed instrument.
  • Korg Odyssey presets may now be changed without freezing the UI.
  • Selecting a parameter for automation in Pro Tools will no longer set its value to 0.