Half Speed

The Half Speed Sound and Feel

The AIR Half Speed plugin for MPC conveniently reduces the tempo of audio while retaining original key and pitch. The result is a loose, almost atmospheric sonic texture that pulls new inspiration out of any audio source. Creatively combining Half Speed with other MPC plugins opens a world of new sounds possibilities.


Great music always starts with a great vibe. Half Speed perfectly captures the modern half tempo sound and feel without losing original pitch or song key adding instant vibe to all your music production. From Trap, R&B, EDM, Rap and more, the world's best producers, DJs and remixers count on Half Speed sound for exciting, dynamic, music-making that keeps audiences engaged.


Half Speed isn't just a one-size-fits all On/Off switch, but a powerful set of parameters and modes that make it a customizable tool. Its streamlined interface perfectly balances the control you need without getting in the way of the creative flow. Quickly set the Loop Length, your Temp Reduction value, and then blend into the mix for the perfect balance of Half Speed in your track. With Half Speed, you can even automate filters with dedicated Low Pass and High Pass filter knobs. Add amazing sweeps to your down-tempo audio with ease for a mesmerizing sonic experience.

Half Speed is available for MPC One, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC X and MPC Desktop