Vocal Suite

A Complete Vocal Processing Suite

The new AIR Vocal Suite is the first completely standalone vocal plugin collection. MPC has once again raised the standard for music production hardware by making it possible to perform, record, and mix the perfect vocals.


AIR Vocal Tuner is a revolutionary automatic pitch correction plugin for MPC standalone devices and MPC Desktop software. Whatever modern vocal sound you're aiming for, AIR Vocal Tune can achieve it instantly. Apply gentle, discreet pitch correction on a slow jam ballad or in-your-face robotic-style processing for melodic rap - all with ease. The versatile AIR Vocal Tuner is ready for any style and genre with a powerful set of controls to quickly dial in detection behavior key, scale and retune time.


Sometimes the right melody needs some harmony to stand out. The AIR Harmonizer delivers the power to create full 4-part harmonies instantly. Add a 5th below, a major or minor 3rd above, or even create a full background vocal section from one track of audio. Dive deeper into AIR Harmonizer and adjust EQ, Pan and more for a harmonic section that sits perfectly in the mix. With AIR Harmonizer generating the additional voices, you don't have to worry about the timing or pitch issues associated with stacking vocal tracks or with multiple background singers. Use AIR Harmonizer to get professional vocal results while saving time and finishing your tracks faster.


When you want to add power, create separation or just try something different with your vocals, pull up the AIR Doubler plugin. Load AIR Doubler on a vocal track and easily create dimension, width and separation. Stack perfect doubles without the time-consuming task of cycle recording vocals. Dial in AIR Doubler for those thick vocals that sit perfectly in the center of the mix and cut through any music project.


Product Type: Plugin Instruments
Total number of engines: 3
Number of presets: 17
Number of user preset slots: Unlimited
Audio Effects: Delay, EQ