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MPC Beats Academy


Getting started with MPC

Welcome to your once-stop destination to learn and discover MPC. There's no better DAW to start your beat making journey than the legendary MPC and this resource will be the roadmap to help you get to wherever your creativity leads you.

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MPC Beats

MPC Beats | Introduction & Overview

Introducing MPC Beats. The new beat making DAW from Akai Professional that will empower the next generation of creatives to quickly start making great sounding beats.

MPC Beats | Setting Up

Before we can work on music, let's walk through the short setup process.

MPC Beats | Learning The User Interface

Let's take some time to review the user interface and navigate through the various work spaces.

MPC Beats | Making A Beat Inside MPC

Making beats is fun and intuitive. Watch along and make a Trap beat with Andy.

MPC Beats | Making a House Track

MPC Beats is versatile enough for any genre of music. Watch as Andy makes a House track from start to finish.

MPC Beats | Using Plugin Instruments

Explore the plugin instrument libraries included with MPC Beats. From keyboards to synths and more, MPC Beats has a great collection of sounds to choose from.

MPC Beats | Chords & Scales

Being able to quickly call up various scales or chords is one of MPC Beats' very powerful features. Even without the benefit of music theory, you'll be able to quickly add amazing harmonic elements to your beats.

MPC Beats | Chopping Samples

Chopping samples is one of the most popular ways to start making music. Discover how easy it is to edit and trim a sample in MPC Beats.

MPC Beats | Making a Drum Kit

As you develop your style and sound, you'll find building your own kits necessary to tailor your workflow to your own needs.

MPC Beats | Making A Hip Hop Track

Andy makes a soulful Hip Hop track inspired by the loose, relaxed feel pioneered by one an all time beat making legend, J Dilla.

MPC Beats | Running With FL Studio

It's quick and easy to run MPC Beats in FL Studio. Take advantage of the legendary MPC feel and features right in FL Studio.

MPC Beats | Setting Up A MIDI Controller

MPC Beats comes pre-configured with mappings for a wide range of MIDI controllers. Watch as we setup a 49 key controller.


MPC Beats Masterclass

MPC Beats Masterclass | Making A Lo-Fi Beat

Let's dive right into this masterclass by making a Lo-Fi beat, the perfect way to display just how powerful a creative tool MPC Beats is.

MPC Beats Masterclass | Adding Lo-Fi FX and Tape Stop

Lo-Fi FX are a great way to add character to your track. Watch what we can do to elevate this melodic part.

MPC Beats Masterclass | Adding Chords and Instruments

MPC Beats includes several plugin instruments to add melodic and harmonic elements to our beats. Watch as Andy adds lays down some keys.

MPC Beats Masterclass | Adding A Bassline

Watch as Andy transforms a bass loop into a playable keygroup instrument.

MPC Beats Masterclass | Adding Pads & Instruments

Watch how easy it is to layer textures on our beat and really add dimension.

MPC Beats Masterclass | Arranging Our Beat

Let's review how we can start to structure our beat into a song. Structuring our beat into an arrangement is important as you look ahead to collaborating with songwriters or other producers.

MPC Beats Masterclass | Export & Sharing Beats

Here you'll learn how to export your track so you can listen on the go, send to another collaborator or publish and release to the world.