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MPC Stems

A New Era in Sampling

For four decades, Akai Pro has stood at the forefront of sampling technology, from the legendary S950 to the iconic MPC platform that laid the foundation for some of the most impactful music genres in our industry. This art of sampling from vinyl evolved into a craft, enabling producers to extract sections of records, chopped and re-pitched into slices, creating an entirely new composition. Renowned producers such as The Alchemist to DJ Premier have become pioneers in this sampling art form known as Crate Digging.

With MPC Stems, Akai Pro opens Pandora's box, seamlessly integrating stems separation into the Iconic MPC workflow. This innovation not only delivers superior sound quality but also enhances the speed of the sampling process, ushering producers and beat makers into a new era of sampling creativity.

Welcome to MPC STEMS.

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