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Unlock the Power of MPC Stems

MPC Stems for Desktop equips producers everywhere with powerful audio separation tools to seamlessly extract individual harmonic and rhythmic elements from any sample.

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A New Dawn In Sampling Is Here

MPC Stems is the next chapter of the iconic MPC sampling workflow. Now, beat-makers and producers everywhere can quickly process any sample or audio recording and isolate drum, bass, melodic, and vocal elements for custom mixing, editing, and chopping. MPC Stems deconstructs your favorite samples providing users with new musical building blocks for unrivaled creative beat-making and music production.

Marco Polo Stems Cookup

Separate Any Sample With The Power Of Mpc Stems

MPC Stems allows you to separate audio and samples into 4 layers inside MPC Desktop software. Simply load or record a sample and press “Create Stems”.

MPC Stems

Make Your Stems Selection

Select any of the four MPC Stems layers you want to extract from your sample. Choose from Vocal, Bass, Drum, or Other (Melodic) elements inspiring new creative ideas

MPC Stems

Sonically Unrivaled

MPC STEMS delivers unmatched audio quality producing the ultimate stems separation experience inside MPC

MPC Stems

Generate STEMS in Seconds

MPC Stems

Step 1

Simply Hit the Do It button and in moments, you’ll have isolated stems inside MPC

MPC Stems

Step 2

Control and balance volume, pitch and pan on each individual stem or across all 4 layers

MPC Stems

Step 3

Trim stems individually or grouped, render to a pad, and more with speed and precision.

Creating Stem Chops

MPC Stems not only separates your sample but will maintain all chopped regions across each stem layer

MPC Stems

Getting Started with

Installing & Activating Stems

Join Andy has he shows how to purchase and activate MPC Stems

Transferring Stems to Standalone

Join Andy as he shows how to prepare your stems in MPC Software for use on Standalone

How To use MPC Stems

Join Andy in as he shows how to use MPC Stems

Discover Hidden Sample Gems inside your vinyl collection

MPC STEM layers can be transferred and opened inside standalone mode once separated. Create stems on MPC Desktop, then save and open project on MPC Standalone.

MPC Stems

Transfer Stems from Desktop to Standalone

Listen to Stems

Controller Mode

MPC Stems is Fully Supported by the Following Mpc Hardware in Controller Mode: MPC Live Series, MPC One, MPC One +, MPC X, MPC Xse, MPC Key 61, MPC Key 37, and MPC Studio Mk2

MPC Stems compatible with these hardware products

MPC Stems is compatible with MPC 2 Desktop Software version 2.14 and above, while MPC Beats is not compatible.

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