Transform your iPhone into a music production studio.

The SynthStation25 transforms iPhone or iPod touch into a portable music production studio for mobile music creation. This MIDI keyboard controller gives your handheld device a two-octave set of piano keys and professional audio outputs, and it integrates perfectly with the Akai Pro SynthStation app and select third party apps. The SynthStation25 is powerful enough for professional musicians, yet virtually anyone can use it to easily create music.

Think Outside the Screen

This 25-key synth keyboard features a built-in dock for iPhone or iPod touch that allows you to take performance beyond simply touching the screen. Touchscreen technology is amazing, but it doesn't respond to velocity which is a key component to capturing your musical expression. The SynthStation25 gives you two octaves of velocity-sensitive, synth-action keys, pitch and modulation wheels, and octave up and down and sound-bank buttons so everything you play get laid down in the mix. The SynthStation25 has a stereo pair of RCA line outputs and a headphone output for connection to recording and sound reinforcement systems.

Unleash Your Creative Genius

You can use the SynthStation25 with Akai Pro's SynthStation app as well as virtually any MIDI music software on your computer or with MIDI hardware devices such as sound modules, samplers, and MPCs using its USB/MIDI output. Available exclusively through the Apple App Store, SynthStation gives you three powerful synthesizers for creating and modifying sonic textures used for melodies, chords, and bass lines. Built around Akai Professional’s history in synthesis and drawing on the newest MINIAK synth, the SynthStation app sounds great and offers wide-ranging sonic flexibility with its virtual analog synthesis.

Expand Your Studio

We didn't stop with building a great performance controller for your iPhone or iPod touch. Akai Pro offers a free software development kit (SDK) that enables third party app developers to extend the capabilities of their apps to include support for SynthStation25 so you always have something new for SynthStation25. This means you're never left out in the cold when it comes to apps that work with your SynthStation25. In fact, developers are lining up to support SynthStation25 so let's look at a few. 50-in-1 is just what it says; 50 great instruments all in one convenient app. Music Studio combines a piano keyboard, 90 studio-quality instruments, a 128-track sequencer, a piano roll editor, real-time effects and much more in a user-friendly interface. VirSyn's iVoxel is the world's first iPhone vocoder app with SynthStation25 hardware support. Another great app with SynthStation25 support is nanoStudio by Blip Interactive. NLog by Tempo Rubato is another app with SynthStation25 support and include 96 factory sounds, POLY, MONO and LEGATO modes and more. All of these apps extend the capabilities and usefulness of your SynthStation25 and more apps are coming soon. If you're an app developer, visit our developer page and grab the AkaiConnect SDK.

The SynthStation25 transforms iPhone and iPod touch into a professional musical instrument. Craft your musical ideas wherever you are.

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Key Features

  • 25-key MIDI keyboard controller for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Velocity-sensitive, synth-action keys for expressive performance
  • Pitch and modulation wheels, octave +/-, and sound-bank buttons
  • Stereo RCA line outputs and headphone jack
  • USB/MIDI for virtually any MIDI music software or MIDI hardware devices
  • Seamlessly compatible with Akai SynthStation app (iOS 4.3 or later required)

Key Specs

  • 25 velocity-sensitive
  • RCA Stereo