Thank you for purchasing your Akai Professional MPC. Please follow these simple instructions to retrieve your software download(s).

1. Log In To Your Akai Professional Account

Already have an account? Log in here.

If you do not have an Akai Professional Account, please click here to create one.

2. Register Your MPC Hardware

Once you have logged into your Akai Professional Account, you will automatically be directed to the "My Account" page.

On the My Account page, click Register A Product. Follow the onscreen instructions to register your product’s unique hardware serial number. Your hardware serial number can be found printed on a sticker on the rear or bottom of your MPC and will begin with (21). This will enable your software downloads and is a necessary step to obtain downloadable content.

3. Download Your Software

Once your hardware is registered, your software download link(s) and any necessary authorization codes will appear in your Akai Professional Account.

If you need assistance, please visit to open to open a Product Registration Assistance support ticket. We’ll be glad to assist!